As self proclaimed ‘Pop Up’ queens it was our absolute honour to be amongst the like minded ‘In Rude Health’. You may already know to be in rude health is one of our favourite ways to be, so upon receiving an invite to indulge and be educated on all things sprouted was simply an offer we could not refuse.

Wholefoods Market, South Kensington played host to an evening fit for even the finest Italian. Armed with Rude Health’s Sprouted flour we set about topping and creating pizzas one could only dream of!

In order to make the pizza dough you need a poolish (pre-ferment); the living culture which helps to keep the dough light and fluffy and provides a more diverse flavour. However, a poolish ideally needs to be made a day in advance, so in true BluePeter style we had a rude health sprouted poolish presented to us. To this we added more organic sprouted wholewheat flour, water, sea salt and fresh yeast. Now, there is no such thing as a free meal…the dough needs to be stretched and worked for about 8-10minutes. This could challenge your average set of Arnold press!

We then set the dough set aside to prove. This allowed for some well ‘kneaded’ time to mingle and socialise with those around us on all things sprouted. We often find that this is our favourite part of the event. Camilla, the co-founder proudly shared her knowledge and love of the new sprouted range. She praised the depth of flavour, the improved digestion and the abundance of nutrients which can be found in all of the sprouted products. We couldn’t agree with her more, because just like a grain once you have sprouted you will never go back!

This event took the hands on approach literally! Next we stretched and flattened our little ball of dough into a classic round(ish!!) base. Sadly none of us had the coordination or patience to master the of throwing the base above our heads in true Italian style. Probably best really!!

Now for the finishing touches…homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil and chilli flakes. What better way to finish a master piece than to sign it off…


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