Our Prudential #RideLondon Kit 

Great for covering up the helmet hair at the end of the race, as well of course shielding the sun and the ‘occasional’ British shower!

If you’ve ridden a long ride, you’ll know the shorts are kind of key to keep things… comfy! The discomfort felt is not one you’ll be wishing for 40 miles in, trust us! Thankfully ours were well padded and well fitted securing our behind with thick spandex to cushion’ the touch’in! The dungaree style fit keeps all in place, and the wide smooth elastic lacing the bottom of the short keeps them from riding up or digging in. The soft elastic straps prevent the dreaded builders bum, well worth the slight fiddle when it comes to using the loo! They may not be the prettiest garment but on this occasion practicality wins, and so did our shorts!

Under T-Shirt
Race day reached 22 degrees, so on this particular ride we didn’t have the pleasure of slipping into this super soft base layer. But, if you promise not to tell we’ll share we secretly cannot wait for the temperature to drop just to try it out!

Cycling Top 
This racy number had us feeling like the real deal! A flattering dip hem at the back protected our modesty as we took up race position. The spacious elastic back pockets acted as the perfect snack holders, making it easy to grab our homemade flapjacks mid ride without the worry of losing whatever else was stored alongside. The high wick fabric kept us cool, no matter how high we climbed and the super light fabric helped us keep up the pace.

We love to be bright so this tangerine waterproof was right up our street!  The handy internal pocket also meant the jacket could be easily packed up and popped in our pocket when the sun showed its face, which by the way it did for a good 4 hours of the ride! Perhaps it was inspired by our vibrance?

It’s all in the detail! This was one item E did not pack ford her long family cycle and seriously regretted it!  Believe it or not your hands take quite the battering when cycling thanks to the constant bumps and jolts along the way. These gloves are really soft and provide the perfect gel patch to keep the hands happy! The silicone palm prints help keep you in control whatever the weather conditions, and control was certainly an area where any help was much appreciated. Those hills are steep you know?!

Although admittedly not the most attractive sock length the ‘ankle riser’ does help to protect any possible chain scraping or scratching. Even with the many miles the socks kept our feet pampered and dry throughout, in fact we barely noticed we were wearing them!


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