It’s the hashtag of 2014, and is one that is regularly trending. But what exactly does it mean? Surely ‘fitspiration’ cannot hold just one definition? We all aspire to be different and that is what is most important to remember here.

Being fit and healthy is something each individual desires in one sense or another. Whether that’s to achieve 6 packs abs, or simple happiness. Social media is creating an image that is so specific, and one that is simply becoming unhealthy. We, the human race come in all shapes and sizes so healthy to one person could be the opposite to another. For example someone blessed with the curves of a Kardashian should not aspire to be a size 0. This could result in an unhealthy transformation, and put the body under severe stress. These curves should be embraced and appreciated because the size 0’s out there would give a ‘twiggy’ arm and a leg for such shape! And it works both ways. It is far too often we see girls with a naturally petite frame being criticised for being ‘too skinny’. Often it’s these girls who are working all hours in the gym to turn, what some see as ‘luck’ into a little more curve.

Health has become a term used globally, yet it’s as individual as a personality trait. It’s easy to become wrapped up in how social media depicts the image. The most important part of being healthy is how you, the individual feels. It’s feeling comfortable in yourself that allows you to find balance, and in most cases achieve desired results. It’s so easy to constantly compare ourself to others. We see wash board abs, and yesterday’s green salad. But what we don’t see is struggles or failures, which believe us are suffered by everyone. But what is inspiring is that these people have come out of these low points stronger, ultimately making them inspirational to those still struggling. And that is what we should aspire to. Strength. Whether that be physically, emotionally or mentally. We all have it, it’s just about finding the power to express it.
So remember #fitspo is what you make it. Be inspired and motivated by the positives. Make your journey your very own fitspo . We promise this will the one that motivates you most ??

Keep your eyes peeled on a post ‘Finding Balance’ taken and ‘reblogged’ from one of our own individual blogs ?

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