You may have spotted our recent trip to Paris, to run our first big race of the year, indulge in some of Europe’s finest pastries, and of course, get some ‘good Gram stuff’. Each was conquered, and the city sufficiently explored, so we thought we’d share a few of our favourite things to do whilst there:

Take a Tour by Car

Now, this must be good if we’re suggesting time off two feet to explore a city right? With the marathon looming and E making a quick depart post-run, we wanted to make sure we left having learned a thing or two about the city of love. Priority was in the legs, so as much as we’d have loved to lace up and run/walk our way around, the sensible things to do to was to hand the leg work over to someone else, or rather something else. The day’s transport of choice was actually chosen for us by the team who took us away, but safe to say they got it spot on with ‘4 Roes sous 1 Parapluie’, which translates as ‘4 wheels under an umbrella’.  

The tiny cars took us on a tour to remember, captained by Parisians who knew the place like the back of the hand sharing stories to share with relatives and friends once home… Did you know there are 120 churches in Paris? Didn’t think so!

We took to the most expensive street in the city, lined with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Cartier, as well as visiting the most gram worthy gardens to capture a snap or two.

We could go on, but that would spoil the fun, and with so much to take in, we think it’s better if you just book a ride to see for yourself. Each car can take up to 3 people, and the tour lasts around 1.5 hours, although there are options for longer or shorter stints.

All the pricing options can be found right here:



Go to Holy Belly for Brunch

Looking for some London home comforts… or rather the home comforts we stole from Sydney, Melbourne and the well known ‘Aussie Brunch’? Look no further.

Eggs with almost anything you like, pancake stacks to give Dynamo a run for their money and coffee so good you simply can’t just have one, this is the go-to spot for it!

H opted for the classic, fluffy scrambled eggs on sourdough with a leafy green salad and side of halloumi, whilst Rhys (H’s boyfriend and top member of the marathon cheer squad) chose poached, with practically every ‘extra’ offered (Sausage patty, bacon, beans and halloumi!).

Both portions were plentiful and served with a smile. Not only this, the queue, (whilst quick) was unexpected (prepare for this), so the snappy service was well appreciated, and the waiters incredibly helpful.

The team have two restaurants in the area, Holy Belly 5 (the one we visited) which offers the usual suspects and Holy Belly 19 which serves more of a tapas style breakfast offering. Both menus can be found here (, and be sure to give them a social shoutout if you swing by.

Go Cafe le Chaufferie for Cocktails and Dinner

Now, it may not have been the classic French menu one should dine out on when visit ‘Pari’, but it is one for the foodies and French alike. From plates filled with the finest pork belly, to poke bowls cramming every nutrient dense food known, there’s something for everyone here. Having just run 26.2 miles, it’s safe to say the menu was well received… as were the cocktails. Gin lovers, Queen of Honey is the one for you. The wine menu packed a pretty good punch too!

H opted to share the ‘Vegetable Pasta’ and ‘Sticky Thai Noodles’ with Rhys. Both absolutely delicious, but if we had to favour one we’d go for the noodles. E stuck with a classic, ‘Beef burger and Chips’, choosing goats cheese as opposed to cheddar which came melted and served on a Ciabatta bun, with a side salad for good measure.

Drink, meal (plus complimentary bread) saw us parting with 20 euros each which if you ask us ain’t bad when the food’s this good. There was also plenty of good gluten and dairy free options, and a good selection of grub for the veggies amongst us.

Top TTH recommendation!

Check it out for yourself:

Rent a Scooter

Sadly this wasn’t actually something we directly experienced, deciding it was a little risky with the race looming but having seen the delight, and heard the stories shared by some of our support crew we couldn’t leave this one out.

Paris is embracing the move towards a greener city (AMEN), and as part of the movement have invested in placing these electric scooters on every corner ready for riders to pick up and go. They operate on a pay as you go system with a downloadable app and a simple scan system. They are able to be left wherever you end up ready to be picked up by another driver, or in fact employee, Some of these said employees are so skilled they are able to ride 4 multiple devices (actually spotted) to drive them back to popular places!

Tips from recruited tester Rhys;

“The brand Bird is quicker than Lime, avoid cobbles at all costs and be sure to bring gloves if it’s cold. Aside from that ‘bloody good fun.”

More information can be found right here:

P.s Please ride safe!


Run the Marathon

It wouldn’t be a TTH recommendation without featuring a race, and bold as it might be this 26.2 may just take the London crown.

Mostly flat, and fast(ish) in nature this speed sightseeing tour captures many a favourite landmark and more. Expect to whizz past the Louvre and a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower, not forgetting the finish down the ‘Champs Elysees’. The reviews are right when they say the food stations are a little manic and definitely areas to watch your step in order to avoid a banana slip or a bottle trip!

The expo was a hell of a lot smaller than London, meaning you could nip through in 30 minutes (unless you’re E and forgot to sign up). The start is staggered so no slalom required, and the ending is something quite sensational. We won’t give away too much just yet, but a full review will land on our Youtube very very soon. Watch this space.

Or if you can’t wait, check it out here:

The half marathon is also glorious. Check out our race review here!



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