Barry’s Day Three



21 (DF)


Hour on the clock:



Powered by:

Olly Truelove (no more love offered)



Chest, back and an unexpected ab finisher


Top Move:

Renegade Row with U Row

Using the power from a mini burpee, we were instructed to single arm U Row following three renegade row in the high plank position. The momentum from the jump made it a smooth movement working into that back, shoulders and core to stabilise the row.


Toughest transition:

Transition 7 to 8 upon realisation repetition of the dreaded ab and cable combo was ahead of me!


Sing it:

Riton- Rinse and Repeat

I certainly did not wake up looking, or in fact feeling like I did come the end of the hour! That post Barry’s feeling though…


Top One Liner:

I simply couldn’t choose one…

‘Let’s get shifting shall we’

‘Do the old switcheroo’

But if I had to…

‘Come on twice as nice!’

We’re nearly half way through… Keep em coming!



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