Barry’s Day Seven



Double Floor 25


Hour on the clock:



Powered by:

Jay Copley



Full Body


Top Move:

Single Arm Swing into Shoulder Press

This full body move appeared in round 1 (and 2 for us double floors), welcoming Sunday with a swing. We were reminded (in of course the loudest voice possible) to use full momentum, rather than allowing our bodies to fall into the squat. This ensured we used our glutes and core to drive the weight forward onto our shoulder before powering to the sky to finish 1 rep.


Toughest transition:

Transition 3-4. Why you ask? The combination of presses we were put through in rounds 3 and 4 had my chest, core and shoulders screaming. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re still screaming now.


Sing it:

I couldn’t choose so I went for two, both had me belting my heart out with the little breath I had left!

Freak in the Morning, Freak in the Evening- Remix (Useful I know! It was a good version… that’s all I have to tell. Ask Jay ;))

Fast Car- Tracy Chapman (Jonas Blue Ft Dakota remix)


Top One Liner:

‘This is where other people at shit gyms give up, we don’t, we keep going!’

A gentle reminder that us Barry’s Bootcampers DON’T QUIT… especially not on a Sunday at 7.30am!



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