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When I think about why I love to run, the biggest factor that springs to mind is the community it fosters between runners, whether they’ve been running for years or just two weeks. When people run together, they’re all the same. And what’s better than that runners high? Sharing that same high with someone who’s just crushed their PB or run the furthest they’ve ever run!




I run to clear my head, to have some time where it is just me and my mind and body (and often a good podcast). And I can’t deny that the post-run high and hunger feels pretty good!!




For the community! I love running with other people as it brings out my competitive side! I can run way longer and faster when I have other people around me. I also love pushing other people past were they believed their limit was so it’s a win win.




I run to spend time with myself, challenge the limits I’ve previously set, and to enjoy being with others who share the love I have for running.




The feeling of just being outside and focusing on moving and seeing the scenery change as well as the lovely lovely people you meet and run with along the way that keep me going back week after week. Because a long run with friends is always better than alone.


Sarah G


I run to switch off, meet new people and explore places old and new. Running challenges me, makes me feel alive and be the best version of me.




I run to free my mind get the heart pumping and to exhaust the legs. To feel alive and make the day to day easier. TTH Runners have pushed me to run further and to not stop when it starts to get tough. It’s about going for a run with friends, the motion of the feet ticking over is all that matters.




I run because I love to be outdoors. I am lucky I have the North Downs on my doorstep to explore. All you need is a decent pair of trainers and you’re off! It’s also a great way to meet friends whether this is joining a run club or at races. And the post-race Aperol makes it worth it!




The reasons why I run feel endless: to explore, for cake and hot chocolate, to avoid the tube, for all of those that can’t run, to motivate others, to meet new people, to gain headspace.




I run for a sense of accomplishment but more importantly for the community that comes with it.




I love running, getting out on trails, pushing myself and love crazy challenges!




Reason for running remains cake, any cake.


Hannah H


I’m not a natural born runner but when I started I realised how much it benefitted me mentally, not just physically. I feel fitter but my head feels clearer. I never, ever thought I could run the distances I’m running now, when I was younger. Every day brings a new challenge, and I make myself prouder every time I complete one.




As a physiotherapist, I have to walk the walk and talk the talk. But it’s more than that. I love being active, it gives me so much; fitness, health, mental well being. It’s given me some of my best friends. A sense of belonging. A sense of community. A sense of grit and determination! It also gives me something to be proud of, to improve upon, and things to aim for. And if I can impart any of that onto other people, to help them achieve their goals, then my life is complete.




There are so many reasons why I run – for travel (try it – you won’t regret it!), to prove to myself that I can do hard things, but mostly it’s about the friendships I’ve formed and the community – the people I run with are the type of people who build each other up and support each other – they are the people I want in my life!




I run for many reasons! I run for community – As a solo sport, it is one of the biggest conduits to unite people! I run for myself – it’s a reminder of my strength, physically and mentally. I run to explore – what better way to see the world than a lovely jog around a new city or a new trail!




I run because I love that you can just get outside and run no matter where you are. I also love the people you meet along the way and being able to challenge yourself and see regular improvements. And finally, of course, the post-run feed!




I run because it gives me the space to put my world to right. The running community is the friendliest and it’s a great way to make new friends and spend time with old friends. But mainly I run because I just absolutely love it.




I run to get out in the fresh air, take time for myself and explore new places. Running has made me want to challenge myself and has introduced me to an amazing community!




It all started as just a personal challenge to achieve but since then, I haven’t stopped! I love running for its amazing community and all the good things it brings in someone’s life. I also run for the mental space it gives you and the sense of accomplishment you get when you finish your run.




I run to challenge myself, to switch-off, to get outside & to explore new places & races. I push myself further & faster when I’m not running alone…and you can’t beat the post-run feeling!




I run to clear my head and be outside. I also run for the amazing community, via running I have made friends for life.




Started a few years ago running along the beaches of Melbourne. Since then, have enjoyed running as a way to disconnect, enjoy the outdoors, plus has allowed me to meet some fantastic people! I think we shouldn’t take for granted the power to move, whether that is running or anything else.





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I run for many reasons, mainly for the mental escape, the friendships forged and to challenge myself, but also to prove that we are capable of so much more than we think we are. The running community is amazing and I love the people we meet along the way. Everyone’s journey is different but we unite in helping each other achieve our goals. Taking our dreams, turning them into goals, then making them our achievements.
That to me is what makes this so special.




I run because H from TTH is my soulmate, and it’s just a total pleasure to join her lapping the parks of London.

Oh and because I really like athleisure.


Sarah S



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I run because I always have. I can not imagine a life without it. Of course, sometimes we have had falling outs but I’ve always gravitated back to it. I either love a solo run where I can put my thoughts straight, but equally, nothing beats a chilled group run where I chat non-stop (anyone who has run with me can confirm this, oops!)




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