Psychologists say that we make our minds up about people in the first 7 seconds of meeting them. Goodness only knows what first impressions us ‘TwicetheHealth’ girls give off to strangers but we keep making new ‘like-minded’ friends. Just when we wonder if people that both think and eat like us are a rarity, we come across some more! Through the wonderful world of Instagram we have developed, and are still developing, the most fantastic friendships… like the guys at Silvermere Strength and Fitness in Weybridge. Welcome to our world, Wes and Sam.


Silvermere hasn’t been around for long but is already developing a reputation for getting everything right. Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, Raze and Indigo might not be household names or brands, but they are the labels on the best gym equipment out there, and that’s what the Silvermere boys have fitted at their studios just outside London. They mean business.

So six fitness freaks, dressed head to toe in their favourite clobber, turned their willing bodies over to Silvermere co-founder Wes Santos for a bit of MetCon – Metabolic Conditioning to you – a fast-paced high intensity work-out for the whole body that challenges cardiovascular capacity and burns fat like a wildfire. The space almost sparkled and the equipment was just begging to be used. No corners had been cut in a gym that provided everything you could ask for, and a lot more besides. Here were the latest Olympic lifting squat racks and monkey bars fit for Tarzan.

The modern layout of the facility started with a welcoming entrance, trailing off on one side to the immaculate changing and bathroom area, and to the corridor style gym on the other.  And don’t worry, a cosy ‘snug’ occupied one half of reception to nurse those aching muscles while slurping on one the of the freshly made shakes. Think melted ice-cream, but with all the added health benefits and you’ve got the taste and texture of these rewards.

We spent the first 15 minutes exploring and trying everything the gym had to offer. A series of group exercise drills took place along with plenty of filming and snapping. Deadlifts, lunges and bear walks acted as the perfect warm up before we were put through our paceswho comes highly recommended by his clients and their results. He doesn’t do easy rides. The proof is in the pics!

The MetCon class at Silvermere fitness takes place every Friday at 18.30 and is primarily targeted at women. That is Beyonce-level girl power status right there. The high intensity session involves three rounds of 30 second interval circuits, broken up by cardio fuelled drills. Be it Box Jumps or Burpees, the exercises have been carefully selected the get hearts racing. It takes a lot to get the hearts of this fit bunch racing, but Wes knows his endorphins and got the blood pumping. We finished the session with a series of paired ab exercises including plank taps, and leg throws. 

A gym is a gym is a gym. A work-out is… the same, you may argue. But when you are lucky enough to sample a range of attitudes and approaches to getting human bodies into shape you start to become a little more discerning and recognise proper training and top-of-the-range equipment. Silvermere is making a special effort to provide special facilities and programmes. It makes for a special place to spill some sweat. If you like how we think, we think you’ll like how they work…

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