“The Hourglass Workout” the latest craze to have arrived on our shores from our friends in the US. Created by Lyzabeth Lopez, its designed to embrace the female figure and encourage the growth of lean muscle in order to reduce body fat.

Having been lured into a false sense of security by the name I wasn’t prepared for the intensity that this workout provided. To kick things off we took to the floor where we were put through an intense glute activation session which partnered both the use of resistance bands and your workout buddy.

With our glutes all fired up it was time for the main event, an 8 station circuit that targeted the entire body. With a combination of prowler runs and battle ropes as well as weighted & bodyweight exercises we were put through our paces for 45 seconds followed by a short recovery period before completing each station twice; where the helpful team of personal trainers were on hand to correct form and push us that little bit further to get the most out of every rep!

Heading into the final stages of this fun yet challenging workout it was time to bring our heart rates down a little and turn our attention to firming up our mid-section. With a core workout that focused around slow and controlled movements to really set those abs on fire, as core movements are usually rushed we don’t tend to get the full benefits. Finishing off with a relaxing cool down and full body stretch.

As with any exercise programme, the more effort you put in the greater your results will be. We both enjoyed how it is focused on building muscle alongside burning plenty of fat, to help women achieve a realistic figure whilst having fun in the process.

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