What a concept! In fact some may say revelation!

Not only a café solely devoted to unsung oaty hero, one that does so using the finest ingredient, both savoury and sweet!

Located just 5 minutes from Old Street Station, London’s latest pop up is taking the city by storm. Porridge is a winter warmer, a comfort food sensation, two things no Londoner can deny. Not only this, porridge is an excellent source of nutrition, especially when topped with the many delectable options the cosy café has to offer. Whether it’s a breakfast to charm a hangover, or a lunch to satisfy the midday cravings the ‘Porridge café’ can do more than cater.

We popped down to check it out early Monday morning, to serve as fuel before a tough workout with likeminded foodie and personal trainer Tally Rye (cleanfitlifestyle). And boy, if there’s anyone who knows good oats it’s this one. Her breakfast creations are mouth-watering at just a glance, and her e book is one to inspire even the earliest of ‘wake up’ meals. We felt as though we’d made a good choice in company!

The staff welcoming and the menu simple! Both Tally and I opted for the Blueberry, Ginger and Cashew Nut Butter option, Tally also requested hers gluten free which the staff ensured without a mention of trouble. We both ordered a hot beverage and took our seats, eagerly awaiting the delight to be presented to us. It was less than two minutes before the steamy bowl of goodness was sat in front of us, ready to devour. A few selfies later, we delved in armed with a plastic spoon. I personally think this added to the experience of a pop up! And I can vouch for both of us it did not disappoint. Especially after we grabbed the pot of Pip and Nuts peanut butter, available to all customers alongside extra honey and added this to the concoction. (This may just be the best peanut butter one has ever tried!) The portion size was plenty. Enough to satisfy without feeling snoozy, setting us up perfectly for the ‘back session’ Tally had in store for us.

I think it’s safe to say Old Streets newest addition the dining family will most definitely become a regular. We could not fault the culinary genius behind this, and cannot wait to try the savoury options!

Thank you again Porridgeistas!

Check out the menu here; http://www.porridgecafe.com/

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