To read more:

It’s certainly something we both love but sadly both neglect… although we’re sure we’re not the only ones! It’s all too easy these days to just turn on the TV for entertainment, and find comfort in being spoon fed information. Next year we’re going to give a little more thought to just reaching for the remote, and instead indulge in a little page flicking. Turning the pages of a book, be it educational or captivating, is far better for both our brains and sleep pattern so it’s about time we made a return to reading!


To run less allowing us to run more:

We have learned the hard way… less is most definitely more. Our love of running has come at a bit of a cost. We have both struggled with stress fractures and shin splints and often find that longer runs can bring back these niggles. It’s time we stop running through the pain and start to train smart! We can, and will still smash our 50km run along The Great Wall of China without pavement pounding, and therefore hopefully without injury. We’ll be putting more time into concentrating on functional and strength training to ready our bodies for the challenge.


To sleep more:

We LOVE to rise early, we find we’re far more productive and hate to waste any hours that could be spent doing what we do, but sometimes our bed times have been creeping a little later than we wish and on these occasions, it’s important we hit snooze. Normally it’s a result of our faffing, or perhaps more commonly eating but nonetheless it results in a loss of lazy hours. Sleep is vital to let our brains ‘re charge’ and muscles recover, both incredibly important in ensuring we have the 2017 we want to. I think putting more time a side for sleep is going to be one of our favourite 2017 challenges!


To spend more time on TTH:

Yes, we do live together and sometimes we even work in the same office, however due to busy schedules we often struggle to dedicate time for TTH. Yes, we may put hours on paper, and yes we may giggle and gossip throughout these on topics that almost associate with what we’d planned to do, but sometimes actual brain power hours are lost. We’re wishing for a little more organisation from each other, so that we can put together content that oozes quality and comes in large quantity.



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