You can always tell when you have enjoyed a trip to foreign lands when the last day arrives with a tinge of regret. We had so much to pack into our third and final day in the Danish capital that we were up and braving the icy winds by 7’o’clock. We had already decided that we would return to Copenhagen. It is a sure sign of one of the world’s great cities when you feel at home there within 36 hours of stepping foot in the place for the first time.

What better way to start our farewell tour than some familiar leg work! We pointed our pins in the direction of ‘Fitness World’, located just minutes from our hotel. This super space offered everything that two loony London fitness bloggers could wish for. As if we needed an inviting welcome, a large wall of protein treats beckoned us towards the squat racks and benches that lined every wall. Machines of every shape and size filled the floor space, leading off to a large group class room and free weights area. Upstairs the resistance was upped with an abundance of fixed machines, rowers and steppers. We had found a home from home in the heart of Copenhagen!

45 minutes of quad-dominant leg work rared us up for some more sight-seeing but also left us a little peckish! We headed to Baresso, the Costa of Copenhagen, serving freshly brewed coffee and hand packed tea bags. The Danish pride themselves on their pastries so there was inevitably a large display cabinet of the specialities of the house just begging to be nibbled but we somehow stored up the thought of them for a little later in the day and opted for a coffee and a dark chocolate rice cake instead. Real treats should be saved before being savoured.

Next stop was in place purely to catch the winning shot, which Molllie Bylett most certainly did! The famous street blossoming with colour lured us back and with a snap, click and shiver we soon had it. True brainpower needs feeding and our ‘leg day’ hunger was fuzzing the focus so we ducked into a side street restaurant to try out the local Smorrebord delicacy. Delicate is maybe not quite the right word because this is no more than an open sandwich… or three in our case! Each highly decorated topping came piled upon toasted rye bread, with accompanying scrambled egg, smoked salmon, Danish meatballs, red cabbage and beef brisket with mustard. Some sandwich!

Refuelled and reheated, the next stop was a return to childhood memories and a visit to the original ‘The Little Mermaid’ statue. The auburn-haired Ariel was cast out of copper and elegantly perched just where the water meets land. In truth, H was a little underwhelmed by the size of the statue having been dragged through a 40min walk along a blustery coat line only to discover the statue didn’t sing and Flounder was nowhere to be seen! Reality can be such a disappointment!! Mercifully, the inner Disney fan found a way to the surface when there was a mention of coffee stop number 2.

Copenhagen cards in hand and toes turning to ice, we took to the bus in order to cash in on our free transport around the city. We took to the ‘Shoreditch of the City’. Walls plastered with graffiti and coffee shops inhabiting every corner, we started to feel totally at home in the city suburbs. Coffee Collective had been highly recommended both by friends and Trip Advisor, so we found one of their tables in a cosy corner away from the January cold. This cafe gem looks like it has been plucked out of hipster heaven, serving the finest brewed coffee and traditional pastries. It was now officially pastry time, an absolute ‘must surrender’ for any visitor.

Back aboard the bus, we headed for an overview of Copenhagen but the Tower in the Christianborg Palace was closed. We found some consolation in  a quick snap in the guards towers  before a brisk walk back to the hotel to layer up.

Our final evening was to be spent at Copenhagen’s most famous tourist trap, Tivoli Gardens. This Danish winter wonderland full of fake snow mountains, roller coaster rides, restaurants, snack shops, bars and fur clothing stores represented the ultimate ‘wave goodbye to Christmas’. Rather than risking wind-burn on the high rides, we stuck to the mulled wine tasters and salted caramel coated almonds while wandering happily amongst the lights and lanterns.

Nothing builds an appetite like a drop in temperature so once the thermometer began to drop our appetites started to swell and we headed for ‘Cocks and Cows’, recommend to us  as the country’s best burger. It’s safe to say it did not disappoint! Two chicken burgers and a pot of curly fries later, TTH were back up to speed.

We meandered back through the city with a scent of our warm beds leading us towards an early flight homebound in the morning. Despite the icy temperatures we could not have wished for a warmer welcome from ‘Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen’.

Until next time…!


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