The Race:

Royal Parks

Who E ran with:


How far did E go?

13.1 miles

Plodded upon:

Roads and paved paths

What did E wear:

Where’d E go?

This was my 3rd time lining up at the Royal Parks Half Marathon. The aim was to cruise around with Rob along the infamous route. Things kick off on the road that runs along the south side of the park by the playing fields. There is a small uphill slope as you cross over the start line and head out of the park gates by Wellington Arch and then a lovely downhill all the way along Constitution Hill to Buckingham Palace. You sweep around the Victoria Memorial in front of the palace and skirt around to the south of St James Park and head up Birdcage Walk past Horse Guards Parade and all the way to Parliament Square. It’s then a left hand turn to run up Parliament Street, past the Women of WWII statute and up to Trafalgar Square. 

Then it’s an out and back along The Strand and a small loop by Trafalgar Square. Next up there is a short detour past Horse Guard Parade and back. Once that’s done it’s time to run down The Mall back towards Buckingham Palace and up Constitution Hill. At this point, you are pretty much at the halfway point as you re-enter Hyde Park. The course then darts in all sorts of directions so you get to see every corner and every tree, before hitting the finishing straight which is a long one so don’t start your sprint finish too soon!


It’s such a classic course and covers many of the routes we use at We Are Runners, so it is filled with fond memories.

E Struggled…

The loos!! It’s a shame that this is an issue year on year at this event. The queues for the loos take anywhere from 30-90mins. 

Why this Race…

It shows off London in all its glory. From Royalty to shopping to history and celebrating the green space.

Famous Faces…

Suzie Chan and Georgie Fenn (who only went and won it!)

Mid run Brainwave…

Pick a friend up when they don’t have the run they planned and just get them to the finish line in their own time.

Rocket Fuel…

A few sips of water along the way.

Number 1 Fan…

Lululemon! They had a HUGE cheer station and it made our day running past twice.

If you Fancy a Go…

Visit the website.



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