The Race:

Thorpe and Egham Half Marathon

Who E ran with:


How far did E go?

13.1 miles (E was pacing the 1:50 flag)

Plodded upon:


What did we wear:

Where’d E go?

We started at the Egham Cricket Club and headed out down to Thorpe Green and Lyne, then looping back north via Virginia Water.


The route and weather! Although it was cold, the sunshine was glorious! Oh, and my lovely sister Zoe was also running.

E Struggled…

There was a repeat section in the route where it’s a long out and back that you do at both the start and the end. It’s lovely and flat but can be tough if you are having a difficult race.

Why this Race…

This is a wonderful beginners half marathon race as the numbers are not crazy and so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. The route is stunning with just a few small hills.

Famous Faces…

We Are Runners, we were running with the pacing flags.

Mid run Brainwave…

If I stop clock watching I actually hold my pacing better.

Rocket Fuel…

No food, just a few sips of water and then a scrummy RunThrough flapjack post-run.

Number 1 Fan…

I’m not sure of his name but I caught up with him half a mile from the end and made sure he got to the finish line in sub 1:50. After he asked me for a photo with him and his family because he was so grateful!

If you Fancy a Go…

Check out our in race footage and visit the website.



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