The Race: Ragnar Relay White Cliffs

Who we ran with: The Running Channel

How far did we go? 170ish miles as a team

Plodded upon: Roads, trails, and shingle beaches.

What did we wear:

  • Bra – Lulu Lemon
  • Top  – Lulu Lemon
  • Shorts  – Lulu Lemon
  • Shoes – On Running

Where’d we go?

The 170ish miles along the Kent coastline from Sittingbourne to Brighton.


The view! Some truly stunning scenes running through Margate at sunset.

We Struggled…

This race is done as a relay between a team of 10 (or in our case 9 that then dropped to 8 due to a team member getting poorly). Sleep is scarce and there can also be quite a bit of driving, but there is nothing a snuggly DryRobe and an epic playlist can’t fix.

Why this Race…

The team comradery. This race brings together experienced long-distance runners and striders to embark on one big epic adventure. Each leg of the course varies in distance to accommodate for how far each runner would like to go. If you are a team of 10 each runner will run 3 times with leg distances ranging from 3-11miles.

Famous Faces…

No celebrity faces but plenty of the online running world were there, including, Charlie (@whatcharlierannext), Max Wilcocks (@maxwilco), Jordan Foster (@projectmarathongirl) and the Ultra X team (@ultraxco).

Mid run Brainwave…

It’s actually quite peaceful running in the pitch dark on your own, and not terrifying like I thought it would be. 

Rocket Fuel…

Boiled new potatoes in a zip lock bag with oil and salt.

Number 1 Fan…

The rest of the ‘Rangar Re-Run’ team…Anna, Georgie, Brad, Angela, Chris, Laura, Liina, and Ian.

If you Fancy a Go…

Head to the Ragnar website.



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