Thinking about braving the open water? Not sure what to pack? Below we have run through the few things that are essential for open water. We have then listed some added extras, that are not necessary but can be great to add to your bag once you get more comfortable in open water.


Swimming Costume/Trunks

  • What we wear: Zone3 Bound Back Swimming Costume
  • Things to look for: 
    • A criss-cross back so your shoulder blades can move freely.
    • Tight fit to avoid water collecting and to help make you more streamlined.
    • A fun print so you feel fancy!


Bright hat/cap


  • What we use: Just an old beach towel
  • Things to look for: 
    • Small or quick-dry so it’s not heavy when wet travelling to and from the lake.
    • Dark colour or old in case you end up with duck/goose poo on it… so glam!


Added Extras


  • What we wear: Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit
  • Cheaper alternative: Zone3 Vision Wetsuit or Zone3 Advance Wetsuit 
  • Things to look for: 
    • Ensure you don’t accidentally buy a watersport (surf/sailing) wetsuit. Triathlon wetsuits have thinner shoulders so you can move freely to swim more efficiently.
    • Buoyancy level depending on how you swim. Anyone else suffer from sinky legs?
    • Thickness depending on water temperature (and how cold you get!)

Big Goggles

  • What we wear: Zone3 Vapour Goggles
  • Things to look for: 
    • Tinted lenses
    • Anti-fog 
    • Large silicone gaskets (this stops them putting too much pressure around your eye sockets and giving you a headache on long swims).

Tow Float

Smart Watch

  • What we use: Garmin Fenix 6S
  • Cheaper alternative: Garmin Instinct 
  • Things to look for: 
    • Open water swim tracking (You can also use ‘stand-up paddleboarding’ if needs be, E used that on her Garmin Vivoactive 3 for her first 70.3 Ironman. It still gives you a GPS of your swim but no swim stroke etc).
    • Waterproof (not water-resistant) 

Dry and Change 

  • What we use: Moana Maroke Throwbie and Dryrobe
  • Things to look for: 
    • Quick-dry (light)
    • Long and wide enough to get changed discreetly (the extra armholes on the side of the Moana Maroke are the best)

Waterproof Bag 

  • What we use: The roll bag that came with our wetsuit but reusing a plastic bag would work just fine. Just nice to be able to chuck in all your wet kit and not have to worry about getting your backpack or car ‘pondy’. 
  • Things to look for: 
    • Watertight seams 
    • Packs down/rolls down small 

Anti-chafe Stick

  • What we use: Zone3, BodyGlide and iVYERDURE
  • Things to look for: 
    • Non-sticky/greasy
    • Comes as a stick and not in a pot so it is easy to apply pre lake!


  • What we use: Tangle Teezer
  • Things to look for: 
    • A brush for wet hair (fine bristles)
    • Small and lightweight


  • What we eat: Pic’s Peanut Butter Slug 
  • Things to look for: 
    • Something that can’t get soggy (packaged/airtight)
    • We always crave salty food after swimming (Twiglets/salty nuts are good too!)

Check out our IGTV to see our full review of each product. We also have an affiliate discount with Zone3, click here to get 15% off your order.


*Some items gifted

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