Eating out is a favourite past time of ours. It’s something that fills the majority of our spare time, and in all honesty we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But there’s one thing that really gets to us when it comes to indulging in such social activity, and that is something we simply cannot control… the amount of food we can comfortably consume before the need to roll home becomes real.

We’re extremely lucky to dine in a number of delicious spots, making deciding on a dish (or 4) difficult at best. And our most recent experience was an excellent example of this! We were very kindly invited down to a Wahaca of choice to try out their new #YearoftheTaco specials.

We opted for the cosy confines of Covent Garden to indulge in all things Mexican, spurred on with the help of a ‘Gin Bramble’ or three!To get things started we selected one taco, one tostada, one taquito and one quesadilla. As I mentioned, we’re not particularly good at making decisions and when everything and since everything sounded so scrumptious we decided it was the only way forward.

Each filled with a selection of meat and in most cases topped with an abundance of cheese. Mouth-watering yet?Next up, onto the mains. H opted for the ‘Spicy Chargrilled chicken served with green rice and a side of frijoles’, and E the ‘Chicken Tinga burrito’. We say this, but actually we shared half of each, just another way we attempt to trick the brain into believing we can squeeze in more! Both dishes were divine, and despite the rather hefty starter we were both left with plates licked clean.

However, there comes a point where we must succumb to stomach and no matter how much the Churro’s begged to be eaten we were well and truly stuffed. The only thing for it… a fresh mint tea and home to sleep off the food coma, smug and satisfied with our evening of the finest Mexican indulgence.TTH x

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