We’ve teamed up with Tesco to celebrate the hundreds of products now stocked on their shelves promoting reduced salt, sugar and fat content. We’re sharing our food diary, and top tips to help you to make #HelpfulLittleSwaps with  your diet when leading a hectic, and often chaotic  lifestyle.


Breakfast: Berry and Almond Porridge (serves 2)

2 Original Porridge Pots  (reduced sugar)

400ml Boiling water

2 Handfuls Raspberries

2 Handfuls Blueberries

2tbsp Almond butter

2tsp Honey


Cover oats with water and leave to swell. Top with berries, almond butter and honey

Lunch: Turkey Meatballs (serves 2)

300g Turkey Mince

20g Parmesan

Handful Fresh Basil

1 Egg

100g Wholewheat Spaghetti

Large Courgette

½ Jar Tomato and Basil Meatball Sauce  (reduced salt)

Pre-heat oven to 180°c. In a bowl combine the turkey mince, parmesan, basil and egg. Form the mixture in 14 small meatballs and place on an oven tray. Cook for 10mins or until cooked through. Put the spaghetti onto boil. Spiralize the courgette and add to the spaghetti for last 30seconds. Place the cooked meatballs in a pan and pour over sauce. Strain water from the pasta and serve in a bowl. Spoon meatballs and sauce on top!

Snack: Veg Sticks and Houmous (serves 2)

2tbsp Reduced Fat Houmous  (reduced fat)

2 Carrots

2 Celery Sticks


Cut veg into sticks and dip into houmous

Dinner: Spicy Lamb Pitas with Cucumber yoghurt (serves 2)

1tsp Rapeseed Oil

1 Red onion

2 Garlic Cloves

1tsp Cumin

1tsp Coriander

1tsp Turmeric

1/2tsp Cinnamon

300g Lamb mince (20% fat)

1tbsp Tomato Puree

120g Sweetcorn

100g 0% Greek Yoghurt  (reduced fat)

100g Cucumber

2 Large Wholemeal Pittas  (increased fibre)


Warm oil in a large pan. Dice the onion and add to pan, cook for 5mins. Dice the garlic and add to the pan, cook for 2mins. Add the spices and a splash of water to stop them sticking. Add the mince. Once mince has browned add the tomato puree and sweetcorn. Leave to simmer. Either dice or grate the cucumber into the yogurt and mix. Toast the pittas. Stuff mince into pittas and serve with a dollop of cucumber yoghurt.

Pudding: Yoghurt and Dark Chocolate (serves 2)

150g 0% Greek Yoghurt  (reduced fat)

1 Square dark chocolate

TTH Top Tips to Making Better Choices:

  • Shop with a list! Plan the meals you want to make that week and buy just what’s on the list. Mindlessly trolling the isles will only end in disaster and a lot of wasted time.
  • Steer clear of flavoured porridge as it usually contains a lot of sugar. These original pots are perfect for when you’re on the go. We can dash in from the gym, pour water over the top, shower and then grab them on the way out of the door. They contain less than 10g of sugar, including the natural sugar found in oats and milk powder.
  • Always read the label! Many pre made jars of pasta and curry sauce are packed with more salt and sugar than you ever would have imagined. If you feel over whelmed by all the numbers, just read the ingredients list as it is listed in order of volume. Be aware of portion size… it can be deceiving! This jar of tomato and basil sauce for meatballs serves 4 so that does not mean you pour the entire jar over your single serving of meatballs.
  • Sneak in extra fruit and veg where you can. This is why we’ve added berries to our breakfast, courgetti to our lunch, veg sticks to our snack and sweetcorn to our mince. Not only will it help you pack in your 5 a day, it will also help to keep you fuller for longer.
  • When choosing mince go for the lower fat option where possible. Be sure to check the label to make sure nothing has been added such as bulking ingredients and gelling agents.
  • We love making homemade houmous, but we don’t always have the luxury of ‘time’. We tend to stray away from low fat options as they pack in loads of emulsifiers to make up for the missing fat. Not this one though! No hidden nasties, just tasty nutrient packed houmous.
  • Plan your meals and snacks so you can take them to work. By being prepared, you are far less likely to end up indulging in the 4th office birthday cake that week and instead tuck into your trusty yoghurt and dark chocolate.


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