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I run because I always have. I can not imagine a life without it. Of course, sometimes we have had falling outs but I’ve always gravitated back to it. I either love a solo run where I can put my thoughts straight, but equally, nothing beats a chilled group run where I chat non-stop (anyone who has run with me can confirm this, oops!)




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I run to.. meet new running friends and have endless chats about trainers, routes and also why we love (and hate) running. I’ve never regretted showing up to a Tuesday run club and I always leave feeing 100% better.




I run for many reasons, mainly for the mental escape, the friendships forged and to challenge myself, but also to prove that we are capable of so much more than we think we are. The running community is amazing and I love the people we meet along the way. Everyone’s journey is different but we unite in helping each other achieve our goals. Taking our dreams, turning them into goals, then making them our achievements.
That to me is what makes this so special.



 I run to take a break from everything going on, to explore and to feel good. It’s amazing what our bodies can do and you never (rarely!) regret going for that run. I enjoy bringing people together, new conversations and building a community and connection with others.




I run for so many reasons, that it’s hard to put them in a couple of sentences. Running has been my refuge, it’s my anchor, a never ending adventure that unfolds by simply putting one foot in front of the other.
It has taken me places, has introduced me to amazing people and left me in constant awe of the human body.
Being able to share this love is one of my greatest joys.




A country girl at heart, trails are my happy place. I love the sense of adventure, the journey of running and letting your mind get completely lost in nature. I’m a distance runner and have a few ultras lined up this season working up to Race to the Stones in the summer.




I run because I love that you can just get outside and run no matter where you are. I also love the people you meet along the way and being able to challenge yourself and see regular improvements. And finally, of course, the post-run feed!


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