You’ve dedicated 6 months (or possibly more) of your life to this one day. You smashed it, maybe it was tough, maybe you didn’t finish. Now what? 


Here are our ‘TTH Top Tips’ to beating post endurance race blues.


Talk about it.

Be proud! Tell your friends and family. Maybe don’t repeat the story to the same people over and over again, but don’t be bashful, people will want to know how you got on, and you deserve to tell them!


Book something else.

Allow yourself time to reflect and review what went on this time around, then get the thinking cap on to allow yourself inspiration as to what’s next. Often we’re told not to rush into the next thing, and whilst this is true when it comes to allowing time to recover and rest, there’s no harm in setting something else to set your sights on in the future. It might be the same or even a similar challenge as you want to improve on the previous attempt, or perhaps you go totally wild and chose a new distance or sport. The possibilities are endless!


Join a club.

Find others who have the same bug! We ‘personally’ recommend two fabulous fitness-focused groups,  ‘We Are Runners’ and ‘#TTHinmotion’ (ahem guilty self-promotion). But seriously, your tribe is your vibe. Find a group that motivate and empower you!


Learn from it.

What did you love? What did you find hard? We’re not saying over analyze everything, we’re simply saying give it a bit of thought. By breaking it down you can look a little deeper at your weak spots, and alter your training accordingly to try and improve on these.



You don’t need to publish it online but keeping a race journal can be a wonderful way to learn from everything you do, and recognise the incredible things you’ve done. It is very easy to forget the intense emotional rollercoaster that takes place during an endurance event. Write it all down! 



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