Wednesday is often a drag. It’s the mid point. The point tiredness hits and you realise you still have another 2 days of labour before the weekend arrives, and relaxation begins.

So we decided to tackle it full on, and sign up for ‘Fight Club’ at Lomax Gym, situated in the heart of Chelsea. And yes, it was just as brutal as it sounds.

‘The ultimate stress-busting, calorie-burning, martial arts workout for the entire body, Fight Club combines pad and bag work with high intensity body weight circuits. In this hour long class, our boxing and martial arts specialists will put you through your paces while teaching you to punch, kick and block like a pro.’

Reading this, and then booking two days before we actually had to undergo the ‘punching, kicking and blocking’ left not much time to think about what the expert trainers at Lomax were likely to put us through. So high on both nerves, excitement and a pre workout ‘Kick in the Face’ we stepped into the studio ready to fight. Oh, the kick in the face? Literally a shot of ginger, mixed with a little chia and a whole lotta energy was exactly as described. A kick in the face! Or mouth! Whichever you prefer. Thankfully it took our minds off any pre class thoughts of how to mentally prepare for the next 60 minutes.

Despite the anxiety, the class flew by, and although tough was very enjoyable. Anthony, personal trainer at Lomax put us through our paces dividing the room into 6 individual stations. Each asked for a combination of jabs, hooks and kicks for a never ending 60 seconds of high intensity exercise. One station also incorporated a mix of burpies, squat jump and punches. Just to make sure the heart was really racing!

We finished with a cool down, a plank or two, and although tired beyond compare we left the luxury gym full of endorphins and feeling like superheroes! The delicious ‘Chocolate Shake’ consisting of Chocolate Whey, Almond Milk and Peanut Butter probably contributed to this a little!!

A fantastic evening to set us up for the rest of the week. Lomax we will definitely be back to try more of the many classes you offer. I think Paola’s Body Barre will be next. Who’s tried it?

P.s Our post class pose alongside the gorgeous Tashi was not one of our best!!

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