Love makes the world go round! Love for our family, our friends, our pets, our bodies, our food, our homes… oh yes, our lovers!… these are the feelings of fondness and care that matter most to us. But no love makes each day better quite like a love for your job. If work seems like work, the days can be long. Our days never seem long enough!

Listen, I’ve had working days where I’ve been watching the clock and willing its hands to speed up, but I’ve never done a job I truly hated and, guess what?!… I’m not about to take one. Looking forward to going to work is a good, good feeling. I’ve encountered my share of bad, bad customers and the occasional annoying boss, but nothing and nobody that’s ever truly got me down. I know that I am extremely lucky to have always found gainful employment that has brought enjoyment and enrichment along with the wages. I promise you, it’s worth hunting high and low for.  

‘So what exactly is it that you do?’ I hear you ask. Ah, time for the awkward questions, eh? Well, I must admit it can be difficult to explain sometimes… 

‘We run a health blog,’ we say enthusiastically. 

I see you nodding and smiling rather blankly. Here comes the ‘eye roll and sigh’ routine. ‘You run a health blog, eh?… like you type 300 words a week and press ‘post’, right?’ 

Well, no, not right! First up, we do work hard in other jobs within the fitness industry simply to support the various opportunities TTH presents us. Building the blog works hand-in-hand with our daily employment. It promotes our passion for our professions and extends our contacts with the names and numbers best placed to drive our future careers in the direction of our dreams. Without TTH, I would not be where I am today – wherever that is! – and want to be tomorrow and beyond.

When you’re in your early 20’s and living in the greatest city in the world, there are bags of opportunities on your doorstep day in and day out. So often, we are simply spoilt for choice. There are so many days that just don’t have enough hours in them. Does that sound like we are complaining? Hell, no! But making the most of all these opportunities requires more than a bit of ambition and a London post code.

Outsiders can be quick to dismiss a blogger’s lifestyle as a Starbucks slurping, lycra living, Twitter networking diary of lazy days. What is overlooked is the time spent hunched over a laptop searching and send/receiving for ways and means to build the brand we’ve created and give it some true identity and authority. TTH began as an idea for sharing our stories and health tips in the hope of inspiring others to explore our world for themselves. We wanted to provide a source of support and choice, not a cure-all plan for life.

Not everyone wants to commit to a life in the health and fitness business. There isn’t enough room in it for everyone! But when you develop a fascination for something – be it exercise, star-gazing or kite-flying, you have a natural enthusiasm to share the best of what you enjoy with a wider world. Gyms and jogging paths are not everybody’s idea of fun but personal happiness is, and we have found our happiness in fuelling and pushing our bodies to maximum benefit. All we want to do through TTH is share our version of happiness with anyone that fancies a slice of it – large or small.  

That may sound a little naive in this big bad world, and if that’s the worst we can be accused of we can live with that! People outside our ‘bubble’ cannot quite comprehend the lives we lead. Even friends and family don’t always ‘get’ it or are not quite sure that we do ‘real’ jobs. We have already made career choices that involve commitments and sacrifices that many others are simply not prepared to make. That’s cool. This is an interest, not a religion or a subscription service. We don’t make any money out of ‘converting’ anyone, we just make new friends.

We are not actually asking you to quit your job tomorrow and join our journey, we are just here if you take a fancy to experiencing any part of it. Our only message is that if you are not getting as much out of every day as you think you can then one of the things (that’s one!) you might consider is a different approach to health and wellbeing. If you can pay half as much attention to your muscle and metabolism as you do to finding the rent then the life you’ve made for yourself through your hard work might just be a tiny bit happier. I know, I know… it sounds a bit like one of those cheesy verses in the Christmas cards you’re just about to recycle but investing in happiness is one investment that will always pay off. Every day is a blank page ready to create the memories that will last you a lifetime, one of these tomorrows will be the greatest day of your life. Don’t waste a single one.


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