Food answers most of our question and solves many of our problems. Tired? Have some porridge. Grumpy? A square of dark chocolate will soon cure that. Bored? Bake. It is a quality of life that should enjoyed, treasured and devoured. It will never get tired, dull or boring because the wonderful thing about taste is its ability to constantly surprise. A new flavour, a new texture, a new kick. The excitement and enjoyment is at your fingertips. Or the end of your fork… whichever you prefer!

So what if we told there’s a whole 4 days dedicated to just that? Four days to sample new foods and explore new flavours, not just from your local market but from all around the world.

Taste of London is hosted by London’s infamous summer hotspot Regents Park, inviting top restaurants and brands along to showcase their substance. Food lovers alike gather across the 4 days to explore city’s finest culinary delights all compressed into one foodstival.

Each purple carpeted alley leads to a taste bud sensation in its own right. Each sweet tooth is curbed and each savoury sought after answered. There’s simply no flavour forgotten. Tangy citrus ripened by the Mediterranean rays invites in your sugar cravings, whilst tender duck confit piled upon the fluffiest waffle teases the rumble in your stomach.

After aimless wandering, and compulsive snacking you can be left feeling a little hard done by with the culinary skills you have at your own hands. Luckily AEG thought this one through, banishing the lack of self-content one can feel with a stomach that can only be described as stuffed. Jeremy Pang is renowned for his wonders with a Wok, and his school educating the art of this wonder. School of Wok, based in Covent Garden specialises in the art of oriental and Asian cuisine. AEG taste live invites culinary royalty in the making to step up in an attempt to redeem themselves. Using the latest technology each guest is challenged with a plate of ingredients and set of instruction to create a delicious stir fry, whilst attempting to master the wok toss. Pork and prawn dumplings featured as the first course, and spicy soy stir fry followed for afters. For an audience full of cookware fans the opportunity to test out AEG’s supreme silver was a treat in itself. Jeremys wise words resulting in a delicious concoction was simply an added bonus, and a bookmark in the brain to be stored for next weeks dinner.

Of course pudding is something the body creates and extra stomach for, and the only answer to this is the Green and Blacks tent. Sea salt infused or ginger enhanced this tent is every chocoholics dream. The generosity with the samples leaves almost no reason to invest. Almost!

And so once again London’s food inspired population are content. Every flavour, texture and tang tried. Every bite, crunch and chew satisfied.

Taste of London we’ll be back! We look forward to welcoming the warmth of winter and it’s hotpots soon. But for now we thank you for an incredible weekend of sampling in the sunshine!





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