Jaybird Vista:

Whether it’s high tempo hits, or heartwarming podcasts one thing you do not want is the thing providing said sounds dropping out your ears every 5 minutes. The Jaybird vistas are wireless, echo-less and best of all fuss-less. They’re quick to connect and easy to charge thanks to the power box they come packed in. If music’s what’s going to get you through those miles than Jaybird it must be!

Make the most of your miles here.


New On Cloud Flow:

Whilst function is foremost, fashion is always an element we chase, no matter how sensible we are. Thankfully on have pulled it out the bag with yet another shoe signing of on sexiness as well as solid tech. The new and improved shoe comes with extra support, improved power transfer and of course, the all-important new colour range. Did someone say rock and rose?

Run-on clouds this Christmas here.


Salomon Adv Pack 5:

With marathon season just around the corner, and the opportunity to set new goals in sight it’s about time you got ready to tackle it head-on. Whether its hydration, high viz or high chance of rain weather kit, the advanced pack 5 is the answer to it. The comfort is second to none, and the fit is one that cannot be beaten. Having used it for a 12-hour race, and many more hours previous in training, we have well and truly tested it and it’s a big fat thumbs up from us!

Carry your comforts here.


Lululemon Fast and free leggings: 

If you’ve ever asked what leggings we are wearing in a pic on Instagram, 90% of the time you’ll know it’s lululemon ‘fast and free’. The price might come as a shock but we have run MILES in ours and they show no signs of thinning material or fraying seems. Not only is the material super soft, light and sweat-wicking they leggings also pack plenty of handy pockets. Once you’ve used a thigh pocket when running you will never go back to bum bags… trust us!

Stride freely here.


Garmin Fenix 6s:

This is the priciest pressie on our list so it better be for someone really special! This watch brings a bit of class and style to your classic activity tracker. Thankfully the extra sass does not mean it is lacking in tech, packing in wrist-based HR, GPS tracking, the option to receive smartphone messages and alerts, Garmin Pay, and up to 9days battery life. 

Track your miles in style here.


Pulse roll:

Our favourite is the vibrating peanut. Yes, you did hear that right. So, why a vibrating foam roller over a standard one? Unlike traditional foam rollers, Pulseroll is able to offer high penetration muscle relief and can be used at different intensity levels thanks to its 4 speeds. It’s a whole new experience even for those who regularly foam roll.

Roll away your problems here.


Stocking fillers


Lucozade jelly beans:

These have been accompanying us on runs well before ‘TTH’ was formed. They are a firm fave for a pick me up mid-run, and we find they are a nice alternative to a gel because you do not need to eat the whole pack in one go, you can simply pick and nibble as you go.   

Get your magic beans here.


FALKE socks:

We’ve been running in FALKE for around 3months now and they have been amazing. They are super soft and they come in a large variety of lengths and styles. A favourite of ours are the RU4 in bright yellow!

Make your feet happy here.


Oddballs undies:

Wear cute (and very comfortable) undies whilst doing your bit for charity! The perfect underwear set for someone who spends most of their life in sports bras and cannot quite face going back to underwire push up bras. 

Brighten up your underwear drawer here.



While on the subject of undies… they may not be sexy but by gosh they are comfy! Never underestimate how much the wrong pair of underwear can ruin a long run. 

Be kind to your behind here.



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