There’s no denying it, summer is over, autumn is here and those summer short shorts are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Thankfully we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to something a little warmer to stride in. And hey, if you ask us, there’s something about the crisp mornings and cold feet that get us all excited for winter runnings. But first, let’s talk Autumn…


We’ve pulled together the perfect October, and into November run outfit, one that promises to keep you a little warmer as the temperature drops. 


H loves to wear her Ultra X buff, a simple solution to the cold ears issue and hey, it doubles as a mask should you need to pop in for a post-run cuppa. 

For E, who sweats a whole lot more, the headwear/buff or whatever you wish for is saved for the winter months. 

Top Half

From our necks to our knees we’re pretty similar, so we’ve shared a few options that we like. The first is the classic, otherwise known as the lululemon Swiftly Tech. It’s lightweight, sweat-wicking and comes in all kinds of colours (the grey and blacks for H, and the bright ones for E!). It also comes in a tight fit, or a slightly looser one depending on what you prefer. For something a little ‘fleecier’ we love the Underarmour long sleeve options. This is a slightly newer version of what we have, but this one is proved to keep you cool. Check out the UA Speed Stride Attitude ½ Zip.


Autumn has only just landed, so when it comes to jackets we want something that is super lightweight and easy to pack away should we get too warm when running. If it’s light showers and a little wind, we opt for the on weather jacket.If the weather is showing signs of something wetter, the Salomon lighting race jacket is our go to.

Bottom Half

If you’ve followed us for more than 5 minutes, you’ll know when it comes to leggings we’re all about the lululemon Fast and Free. For H it’s the 25” and for E it’s the 28” so if your legs are a little longer, opt for the E version. If, like H you’re not quite ready to let go of the shorts, check out the slightly longer Fast and Free 8” shorts. Pair them with a pair of long socks and you’ll be ok… right?


So, whilst we may match in what we fancy when it comes to kit to cover our bits, when it comes to socks one’s into highrise, and the others an ankle gal. For H it’s all about the classic sports socks, and a favourite is fast becoming JAL socks. They are actually pretty cycling specific but H has worn them for many long runs and they’ve held up fantastically. Another firm favourite in the sock drawer is the lululemon Tale to Tell Mid Crew Sock. These one’s even captured E’s heart, who would normally opt for some sexy YAMMAtune toe socks

Want to know more about sock we run in? Check out our IG live.


How can you not get out on the trails when they are covered in all kinds of orange and red leaves? When we do, it’s all about the Salmon Sense Pro 4’s. They grip like a pro, allow easy movement and their pretty fast underfoot. When it comes to the road, for the long stuff we’re all about ons, for H the Stratus and for E the Cloud Flows. When things get a little faster, we’re into the Asics Novablast, but for this season it’s the darker colours. Fast running equals extra splash. Save the white ones for the summer eh? These shoes are a little like the Nike Vaporflys, only a lot comfier from the first wear and a little kinder on the pocket.

Happy autumnal running!


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