Day 2 in Copenhagen was Day 1 of 2016 so it’s only right to start at the very beginning. The New Year opened its doors to us, toasting drink in hand, dancing shoes on feet at a club called ‘Hive’. And it was! It’s a bit of a rarity to get dressed up amid our rounds of gym reviews and product launches back in London so any excuse to slap on some make-up and slip into something a little sassier is welcome. But we were ready for our beds come 3am! Hunger was beckoning, alcohol was dulling the senses our feet were pining for some Nike comfort so it was time to leave the rest of the night to the locals and find some hotel duvet.

Our first glimpse of 2016 daylight came around 11am in the shape of a breakfast spread fit for a king thanks to the Andersen Hotel. There was a distinctly continental theme running through breakfast beginning with a rye bread starter topped with freshly boiled eggs and Danish ham, and finishing with a large bowl of granola, fresh fruit and yoghurt. It seemed only right to incorporate an early lunch at this hour.

After a refuel we were back in the game and ready to set about 2016 as we plan to go on. We braved the cold weather and took to our favourite form of transport… our feet! A gentle hour’s plod took us on a loop of the city, stopping off and stepping up any flight that took our fancy. Training for the marathon led us to explore a whole lot of previously unseen London, so when trying to pack as much sightseeing as possible into 3 days, a little run is the perfect answer. Not only were we able to find corners of the city even the local residents don’t know about, we were breathing in our favourite drug – fresh air! I think it’s always important to remind yourself how grateful we should be for finding a passion in hobbies that not only maintain our health, but also contribute so much to our general happiness and wellbeing. Travelling and fitness are a perfect match!
Feeling far more human than we did a few hours before, we then returned to the streets of Copenhagen. Given our late start we allocated the whole afternoon to a casual wander before being lured into Cafe Zirop for an early dinner. This cute and quirky cafe was located just moments from the central shopping street in the heart of pedestrianised Copenhagen. The menu offered a mixed cuisine and plenty of choice, including the option for a healthy detox drink packed with ginger, lemon and honey. It’s like they knew we were coming (and hanging!) E played it safe with the beefburger sandwiched between a delicious focaccia bun and served with a side of salad and homemade chips. H inevitably opted for the Supreme Salad with a sprinkling of parmesan. Our tummies have well and truly made their Resolutions!

Suitably replenished and short on sleep we listened to our yelling bodies and headed back for an evening spent catching up on a bit of work and planning an action-packed day 3!

Any recommendations or ‘must do’s’ from your own Copenhagen experiences will be much appreciated. Our motto for 2016 is not to waste a second of it!


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