TTH Travel Takeaway number one comes from a wet and windy weekend away in the Isle of Man. We coasteered, we cooked and we climbed all whilst enjoying the breathtaking scenery, and culinary delights sat on each and every corner.

1) Rent a car
The island is small one, but the activities are dotted all over and we wouldn’t label the public transport as the most reliable or frequent. Make your life a little easier, hire a car and be sure not to miss out on any activity opportunities.

2) Stay at The Escape
This may sound like a shameless plug, but everything about our abode was dreamy.  From the champagne and cake welcome, to the cosy dressing gowns, fluffy and fresh for each guest. Every room in the house was spotless, and every need addressed with a cupboard full of boardgames, an abundance of DVD’s and a hot tub warmed and ready. We told  you it was a must…

3) Pack layers and a waterproof
It’s an island, the weather changes regularly so be prepared for the worst. There’s no reason for the rain to ruin your trip, as long as you’re ready!

4) Hike Hike Hike
The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, so pack your boots and head on out! We were recommended to walk Dhoon Glen but sadly we ran our of time so e sure to let us know how you hike it!

5) Take on coasteering!
Get wild, wet and free with one of the island’s favourite adventure activity. This is not for the faint hearted…you will be jumping in and out of the Irish Sea and you will get a little chilly. All you gotta do is embrace it!

6) Breakfast at The Noa Bakehouse in Douglas
Renowned for their selection of sourdough and drool-worthy yolk porn, there’s no better place to brunch. Once you’ve indulged in dishes both sweet and savoury (it’s got to be done) we suggest a walk along the coast of Douglas, but be sure to watch out for the waves!

7) ‘The Cook Shack’
For afternoon through to evening entertainment head to Cook Shack to indulge in every culinary creation on the map. Owned by the wonderful Georgie and her daughter Lydia you’ll cook up a feast fit for a family before serving up buffet style together for all to  enjoy. We suggest maybe organising a taxi as the bubbles flow freely, and it would be rude not to sip whilst it sizzles!

8) Andreas Store
This is a little convenience store located on the junction of the A17 and the A9. Although pretty pricey they sell the BEST locally produced yogurt and meats, and you can pick up almost anything you need right up until 7pm!

9) Hot Rocks
If the weather takes a turn for the worst then have no fear, the adventure continues inside! We embraced our inner monkeys scrambling and scaling the walls of indoor climbing center ‘Hot Rocks’. If you’re feeling daring, there’s tightrope to try too!

10) Don’t be afraid to go off track
We may have taken a few wrong turns,  but as with most things there was of course a silver lining in losing a few valuable hours. We were able to explore some of the islands zig zag roads that make up the infamous TT trail. This is where those mad enough race the famous route tackle it all guns blazing, all speed limits forgotten. We simply took things a little slower to take in the views!

Watch our YouTube video of our time in the Isle of Man to get an even better insight!


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