On this occasion we opted for white, helping to reflect the sun and to help keep us a little cooler. If you’ve ever sweated whilst wearing suncream, you’ll know this is no pleasant experience! The peak on this cap was perfect for shielding our skin from the powerful UV rays and the fabric boasts a 50+ UV protection.

This was only in case of emergency…it was an emergency! We kickstarted our challenge at -4 degrees on the North Rim, and let us tell you this is not t shirt weather!  Safe to say we were very grateful to have these as the clock struck 4.30am. Despite saving our icy buts, next time we think we’ll opt for a slightly lighter weight jacket or long sleeve as these were a little bulky to pack away when the sun eventually peaked through.

T shirtAdidas
This stylish black tee was part of the Adidas ‘climachill’ range, meaning it wicks sweat off the body to cool you down faster and prevent that soggy, and sometimes sticky feeling. We opted for a T-shirt style to prevent our backpack straps from rubbing our shoulders, and offer a little extra protection from the beaming sunshine!

This was tucked up in our bags in case the heat became too much. We wanted something compact that we could easily tuck into our bags to pull out if necessary and this was just that!

Support was vital whilst running on terrain like this. Ladies you’ll know a combination of downhill, steps and long duration calls for proper support! Our bright pink TechFit crops are part of Adidas ‘High-Support’ range, also made using the ‘climachill’ technology keeping us snug where needed and cool whilst climbing!

BackpackAdidas + Terrex
Big enough to store water, food and a few clothing items but small enough to drag in and out of The Grand Canyon. This backpack designed by Adidas and Terrex was perfect! Key for us was hydration so the mesh pocket on the inside and an outlet by the shoulder, that allowed us to securely fit our own water bladder and drinking hose was ideal! The two front pockets come with their own small water bags, perfect for electrolyte mixes when the energy levels began to dip. Even with the water bladder, there was plenty of room for our vest, shorts, food and suncream. It also featured two spacious pockets on the side to put easy to access items such as our luoczade jelly beans and GoPro.

Sleek and sporty, these kept us feeling chic even as we hit the final few miles. Despite being black the ‘climalite’ material worked it’s magic once again to keep us cool and collected. Silky soft and super comfortable we couldn’t have wished for better garments to layer the limbs carrying us through our climb. We opted for leggings to avoid any nasty chaffing, and yes we know this is not necessarily something us runners wish to shout about but it’s really something you have to consider on a challenge such as this!

Again these stuck to the black ‘climalite’ and light weight theme! They were perfect to stash away in our backpacks just in case the heat got the better of our snazzy leggings.

Words simply cannot describe how epic these pants are. Long distance runners know the importance of a good pair of nicnaks! Possibly the biggest pair of underwear we have ever owned, but my gosh are they comfy. I must have for you crazy marathoners out there!

We opted for the slightly higher ankle sock to help keep out the red dirt. These were great and both of us stayed grit free throughout the full 7 hours. Sandy feet is not something you’ll be wishing for when running the many miles! However, they are now permanently orange from the dirt…maybe opt for black next time!

We could not have picked a better colour! Even after 50km of trail running on red dirt these looked tip top, and let us tell you they were about the only thing that did. Now we know colour isn’t the most important thing when it comes to choosing the correct trainer… The sole of these shoes is made by Continental, normally used to make tyres. Talk about good grip? Of course the iconic Boost technology has also been used in the sole, providing maximal energy return on every step. For a trail shoe they can appear a little light weight, however, the ‘Primeknit’ makes them wonderfully breathable and the perfect snug fit. We highly recommend!


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