The Race:

Club la Santa Half Marathon

Who we ran with:

Laura (@crunch_2_brunch)

How far did we go?

13.1 miles

Plodded upon:

Roads, paved paths, athletics track and a short bit of trail

What did we wear:

Where’d we go?

This was a toughie as it was 3 laps of an out and back route. We kicked things off with a lap of the track and then headed out of the Club la Santa complex and onto the main road (Avenida El Marinero) to the village of La Santa. Just as you are coming out of the village we took a right hand turn down Las Betancoras. We went about 500m down this street and there was the turn around point with the option of taking on some water. Simply follow the same route back to the track and repeat twice more.


The views! The main road between the village and the club is alongside the sea so you can watch the waves crashing onto the rocks.

We Struggled…

Three laps of an out and back was really tough! Even though we were taking the pace easy it felt like a tough run. The route is also a bit like a halfpipe so you are either running uphill or downhill.

Why this Race…

If you have the pleasure of going to Club la Santa, the half marathon it runs every Tuesday morning.

Famous Faces…

There were only about 20 runners so … no one haha

Mid run Brainwave…

Don’t drink 2L of water beforehand so you have to stop and wee at the track loos on every lap like H.

Rocket Fuel…

A few sips of water along the way.

Number 1 Fan…

The rest of the runners. Due to the shape of the course, there was lots of whooping from the other runners as we crossed paths.

If you Fancy a Go…

Visit the website.



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