The Race:

Run Disney Weekend

Who we ran with:


How far did we go?

5km on Saturday for both of us and the half marathon on Sunday for H!

Plodded upon:

Mainly tarmac and concrete… but all of it was magic!!

What did we wear:

Where’d we go?

All around the DisneyLand Paris Resort including a loop out to the lake on H’s half marathon, with a sneaky hill halfway through.


That is was at Disneyland! 

We Struggled…

The start was quite messy, there were so many people! For the 5km it took us almost 40mins to cross the start line. H was a little luckier in the half marathon and started in an early pen right next to Paula Radcliffe!

Why this Race…

You can let out your inner child and stop en route to have pictures with your favourite Disney characters.

Famous Faces…

The one and only Paula Radcliffe!

Mid run Brainwave…

H: Oh, I’m only just behind Paula Radcliffe!

*Turns the corner and sees a huge loop around a lake, realising that she is a whole 3km behind and not 100m!

Rocket Fuel…

I think we would have to hand this to the amazing Disney buffet spread at the hotel.

Number 1 Fan…

Disney’s number one fan Rachel from our management Sixteenth came on the trip with us and whooped and cheered at every corner!

If you Fancy a Go…

Visit the website or checkout our ‘we ran…’ on youtube.



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