The Race: The 401 Festival of Running

Who we ran with: Ben, the incredible founder of The 401.

How far did we go?

10km and Half Marathon (over two days)

Plodded upon:

Grass, roads and trails (just the mix you want!)

What did we wear:

Where’d we go?

Over the two day event in Portishead, you have the opportunity to cover the full 26.2mile marathon distance. However, due to timings, we could not attend the whole festival and so we did the half marathon the Saturday and the 10km on Sunday.


The atmosphere! So many wonderful people running because they love to, with no (real) care for distance or timings. 

We Struggled…

The weather. We know it is not something that cannot be controlled but it was a little wet and windy! 

Why this Race…

It’s an excellent way to learn how to add mileage in segments as well as pace yourself over a longer distance.

Famous Faces…

Ben himself! This wonderful human ran 401 marathons in 401 days and raised an incredible amount of money, and still is raising more today with events like these.

Mid run Brainwave…

Naomi’s glasses had fogged up due to the rain and so E thought she would notify her of any low hanging branches etc along the way. Unfortunately, this resulted in  E running into a massive boat mooring post and bruising her hip…banana! On the plus side, Naomi managed to finish the run unscathed.

Rocket Fuel…

No food, just sips of water.

Number 1 Fan…


If you Fancy a Go…

Visit the website.



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