The Race: The Winter Run Series 10km

Who we ran with: Our lucky giveaway winners, Chole Trigg and her buddy Rachel Clemo, Mickey and her buddy Kerry

How far did we go? 10km

Plodded upon: Roads, all closed too!

What did we wear:

  • Bra – Sweaty Betty
  • Long Sleeve – Lulu Lemon
  • Leggings – Sweaty Betty
  • Shoes – Adidas

Where’d we go?

From Trafalgar Square through Holborn and Charring Cross, before looping around Bank and heading back to Trafalgar Square


The fancy dress huskies….even if they did look more like rabbits!

We Struggled…

We were a little chilly whilst held in our starting wave, but nothing a little singing and jogging on the spot can’t solve. Of course there was a lot of ‘squad huddling’ too!

Why this Race…

It’s set in the heart of the capital and you get to fly by pass some true London landmarks. It is very rare that a 10km is set on road and only encompasses one lap. For these reasons, and also due it it being almost completely flat, it is a great race if you are looking to hit a PB!

Famous Faces…

Penguin hi-fives and polar bear hugs are what makes this race. They may not be true a-listers but for us they’re the one’s to watch whilst you run!

Mid run Brainwave…

We had been following a girl in a Nike top with ‘international runner’ on her back. E decided that we couldn’t lose her, so we set her as head TTH pacer. Turns out she set out on a rather quick dash for the last 2km!

Rocket Fuel…

Trusty bowl of oats! Normal oats topped with peanut butter, honey and chocolate granola for E. Zoats topped with almond butter and cinnamon granola for H.

Number 1 Fan…

H’s parents were going to be hollering and hooting but may have over slept! Oops!

If you Fancy a Go…

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