Firstly, sorry to burst your bubble we are most certainly not about to reel off exact portions of everything we eat. We vary what we eat every day because every day is a little different. We don’t count macros, but we do know a ballpark calorie mark depending on that day’s energy expenditure. But again, this changes dependant on our training goals.



Our first rule… never skip breakfast. There are many studies to suggest improved concentration, better weight management and lower levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol in those that ate breakfast up against those who went without.

Carbohydrates are a very important part of the first meal of the day. You are ‘breaking a fast’, hence the name breakfast. Your brain uses only glucose as fuel, and your muscles primarily use glucose as fuel. It is important to start bringing blood glucose backup so your body and mind can function. We (H + E) also tend to train first thing in the morning and then have breakfast. This makes carbohydrates even more important as we almost completely deplete our glycogen stores during this time.

On top of that, protein is also vital as we have just caused microscopic damage to our muscles. Oats mixed with some raisins and nuts served with a few big dollops of yoghurt, large spoon of nut butter and some berries or sliced banana is our favourite sweet breakfast. If we are feeling savoury then scrambled eggs on toast with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and feta (ofc no mushrooms for H!).


We tend to opt for quick, easy to cook meals here without skimping on nutrients. We try to use items such as tinned tuna, mackerel and sardines as an easy source of protein, then utilise canned beans, peas and lentils as a great source of protein, carbs and fibre. It’s also a top time to make use of your freezer to add bundles of goodness such as frozen peas, sweetcorn, spinach and edamame beans to name but a few faves. If you’re super short on time, and looking to spice things up we highly recommend Mindful Chef  (More on this in the next paragraph!)


Warm comforting meals, packed with power are a favourite in the TTH household. Think stir fry, chilli, roasted and grilled vegetables, fish pie and pasta bakes. We like to mix it up with features from veggie, poultry, meat, fish. It all depends on how we’re feeling. Variety is truly the spice of life, along with the spices themselves of course. We have a whole cupboard full! Talking of variety, back to Mindful Chef*. We often opt for these for dinner, especially when we’re back late and lacking in time and imagination.

* Mindful Chef is kindly gifted, but we have no obligation to feature them here. We just LOVE it!


Of course, we snack throughout the day. Who doesn’t? We change these snacks depending on our cravings and daily activities. On rest days, we opt for more high fat snacks such as nut butter sachets or a slice of cheese. On training days, we tend to go for high protein and high carb snacks such as eggs, Warburton thins, and fruit. Sometimes we crave popcorn, dark chocolate, cake, and often tiffin. Never feel like you are ruled by a meal plan, listen to what your body wants (that doesn’t mean 2 dominoes followed by 4 tubs of Ben and Jerrys though).

Remember it is a ‘food diary’ for a reason…it is personal! Take from this what you will, be please do try and respect that it’s not gospel. Your work, life and training will tread it’s own way for a diet that works for you. Own that independence! 



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