The fitness industry is booming. There’s never been a greater time to be a part of it, no matter your strength. Every passion is proclaimed, every gift is given both time and space.

You can deadlift double your bodyweight? There’s a swanky iron shack in every borough. Your bendiness defies every element of gravity? There’s a luxury yoga studio on every straight road. Your inspired by the endorphins of endurance? There’s routes for every runner. Your twerk brings the dancefloor to standstill? There’s a Beyonce inspired class on every corner.

But no matter where we find strength we always ask for more.
If our talent is making up the miles we long for more muscular upper body.
If our strength compliments our sculpted arms we crave flexibility.
If our bodies bend beyond belief, we demand rhythm.
It’s an endless whirlwind of wishing, wanting and waiting for results.
Why not be proud of your power?

There’s no wrong in wanting to better our bodies or challenge our weaknesses. This is healthy, but first we encourage you to find passion in your own perks.

We’re all culprits of a comparison, be it with your Instalove or simply a street wandering individual. We’re quick to make assumptions of their scenario, their situation and even quicker to make our own excuses as to why ‘we don’t match up’.

Actually we have no idea how they came to be in the situation we idolise. In fact they may not be in that situation at all, but external view is a powerful thing and something we’re easily fooled by. For all you know they may be having exactly the same argument in their own head!

And there we have it, you’ve lost 5 minutes (at least) in someone else’s thoughts, worrying about they feel, how they think when actually that five minutes could have been far better spent appreciating YOU.

The more time we spend searching for fault, searching for excuse the less time we have to value ourselves. Once we begin learning to respect our bodies, our brains and our self-proclaimed talent we begin make progress in all aspects of life. Be it getting bendier, increasing strength or mastering the twerk.


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