Oh, I know what you’re thinking! Spinning equals ‘exhausting’, ‘boring’ and er… ‘challenging’ (to put it nicely!!). Your poor head is spinning in sympathy at the very thought.

So how about if I told you that Spinning was actually ‘energising’, ‘uplifting’ and ‘entertaining’. No, really! In fact, Spinning is the boom exercise for some particularly cool pedallers I know. And when I say ‘boom’ I mean just that!

Boom Cycle is the home to London’s hippest hub of fitness. Found in the ‘des-res’ suburbs of Shoreditch and the happenin’ heart of Holborn, they have put Spinning back on trend. Dubiously described as a ‘party on a bike’, Boom Cycle classes bring health to the party. With the lights low and the music high you can almost forget that you are burning hundreds of calories. Almost!

They offer a variety of classes including sessions of both 60 and 45 minutes. World class instructors act as the in-house party planners, each with a slightly different style but all sure to leave you wanting more. In addition, they run weekly themed classes to encourage everyone from Beyonce Booty Shakers to Drum and Bass bangers. Each month they also invite a live DJ along to the sessions! Isn’t this supposed to be an exercise class? Hey, and it’s actually good for you!

Now I’ll be honest. I hadn’t set foot on a spin bike in a while! Well, a month to be exact. But given that six weeks before the London Marathon I was told I shouldn’t run, I had to find something to keep my legs occupied and my spirits up. That something was six weeks of spinning. Literally. I did it A LOT. And do you know, I actually enjoyed it. And it got my pins through 26.2 miles.

So a month on from The Mall, it was time to get back on the bike, and I decided the only way to do it was to BOOM. So last week I put an evening aside, jumped on the Central Line and headed to Holborn. Of course I was running fashionably late but the staff were happy to accommodate my dishevelled state and spin shoes! And before I knew it I was back where I belonged. Music up, feet clipped in and ass out the saddle! 45 minutes of sounds’n’sweat positively flew by and if it hadn’t been for the jelly legs I could have sworn to you I’d been partying. It was like coming back to your favourite club!

Anything else to commend it? Well, can you keep a secret? Just in case you need an extra little push in the direction of Boom, give Hilary Gilbert a google! Comprendez? The delectable Ms Gilbert, Boom Cycle founder and Managing Director, is proof positive that time spent at Boom is time well spent. All agreed?

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