Seven days, Seven hours, 420 minutes.

Each hour powered by the best in the business.

Each minute fuelled on pure adrenaline.

Each exercise slotted into sequence for purpose.

Each class completed knowing a protein packed shake awaits.


This is Barry’s London Hellweek.

And I’ll be sharing mine with YOU.


Why you ask?

January welcomed a small revamp for TTH as we looked forward to beginning training for purpose, training for our own challenge. Unfortunately, on one half (mine to be exact) injury prevailed and training for purpose has now become the process of recovery. It’s meant the types of training I planned to carry out to ready myself for the feat ahead are no longer possible, and as a result my sessions are now in the hands of my physio, coach and trusty capabilities. And so, whilst E runs half marathons galore I’ll be spending my week at the bench. With a little help from the Barry’s team I’ll be changing up my challenge with 7 ‘double floor’ sessions to celebrate #HellWeek. Despite not being a feature of the original training schedule, I have no doubt it will test my strength, endurance and body in the way it works as part of preparing for the feat ahead. I’ve been attending Barry’s classes as suggested by my team of advisors to maintain my fitness levels and ready my body for the challenges ahead once it’s fully repaired. Just not for 7 days in a row!


When you ask?

Hell Week runs from Monday 29th February to Sunday 6th March, with classes running right through each and every day.  Monday to Friday sprints start at 6am, and finish around 10pm. The weekends are a little lighter, kicking off at 7.30am and finishing 7.45pm Saturday and 6.30pm Sunday.


Where you ask?

Classes run at both Central (Euston) and East(Moorgate) locations. I’ll be sticking to central as it’s the easiest for me to get to from both work and home.



Arms and Abs with Faisal




Legs and Ass with Olly Truelove




Chest and Back with Olly Truelove




Abs with Olly Truelove




Full Body with Hannah Luck




Full Body with Sandy




Full Body with Jay C



How you ask?

Classes are covered by one of Barry’s very own accomplices bringing their own attitude and activities to the floor, each sure to have the heart racing and the blood pumping. It’s these voices (and impressive physiques) that power the push, and overcome the exhaustion. Don’t get me wrong, this is no easy task and I have no doubt my body (and yours) will remind me (and you) of this on many occasions during the hours spent in the snazzy studios, but with instructors like those at Barry’s behind you there’s no denying the hustle.

Just don’t straddle!


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