Barrys Day One




Hour on the clock:


Powered by:
Faisal (and a lotta PMA)

Arms, abs and in my case calves as I took to tread for incline walks.


Top Move:
Seated Front Raise
I’d done these before in many a shoulder session, but staying seated helped me to engage my core and reduce the swinging working into my front delt. Boulder shoulders come at me


Toughest transition:
Final move to the tread upon realisation I’d ditched my recent DF tradition and embraced the cardio.


Sing it:
Rihanna- Work
This came on in the early minutes and there’s no better motivation to workout than queen of cool blaring out the speakers.


Top One Liner:
It’s just Gotta be…

‘One last time raise your arms in the air, clench your fists and draw down that positive mental attitude’


And just like that Monday’s a dream



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