Barrys Day Two



Double Floor 25


Hour on the clock:


Powered by:
Olly Truelove (Not offering much love!)


Legs and Butt.


Top Move:
Box Squats with One Leg Raised (Heavy DB)
This really targets the glutes as you squat down low and drive up tightening the touche at the top. And who doesn’t want a Beyonce inspired bootay?


Toughest transition:
On this occasion the first as I kind of almost a little bit wished I was heading to the treads and not back to the one legged ‘suitcase’ lunges. Talk about burn!


Sing it:
Luke Grahame
This welcomed the moment every bootcamper longs for, those once loud voices now turn to calm inviting you to lie down and ‘just relax’. Aaaaaaaaah!


Top One Liner:

‘Hannah it’s a squat hold, not a sit down!’

They offer no mercy these Barry’s busters!



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