We’re not really one’s for dieting, nor are we one’s for dramatically wanting to change the way we look. Our bodies perform (most of the time) the way we need them to, tackling greater distances than we ever imagined, and overcoming feats we’d never have dreamed of.

It’s not something you hear often, but really we’re proud of the way we look, and happy with the bodies we work for. Catch us on a good day, and we might even say delighted!

However, saying all this when it comes to exposing yourself in front of a camera you want to look the best you possibly can, or at least a little sharper than you would on your average Wednesday. It’s for this reason we’re delving into the unknown world of dieting with some help from #TeamLBP to prep ourselves for two rather exciting upcoming shoots.

This has not been easy… We plan each and everyday around food, excitedly waking at the crack of dawn to indulge in breakfast, all with the excuse of being able to snack a little before elevenses, lunching early, and finishing up with dinner, supper, dessert. It’s just the way we like it… So, as you can imagine we’re not overjoyed by this overindulgent habit being capped! And we’re pretty sure we’re not the only one’s who struggle with the slimming routine hence we’ll be adding a ‘diet happy tip’ to this post each and everyday to help both ourselves, and anyone else working towards being snap happy stay cool…

Day 1- Save yourself an evening sweet snack. I don’t know about you but as soon as 9pm hits I become ravenous for anything with a hint of sugar. Chocolate, biscuits, yoghurt, granola, you name it, I crave it. When prepping for a shoot I always make sure I save myself some calories for come this time when cravings call. My favourite is jelly with a large dollop of peanut butter. H x

Day 2 – Go for volume to avoid the hunger pangs! Few great tips passed onto us today by our nutrition coach Alex. Go for high fibre and volume veggies such as kale, broccoli and butternut squash. Stay tuned for our remake of Alex’s protein fluff recipe…AKA the queen of volume food. E x

Day 3 – Be kind to yourself. Everyone slips up, it’s human nature and let me tell you a bite sized fudge bar is not going to turn all to pot when the camera flashes. Adherence to diet is of course key, so just try to stick to this 90% of the time when prepping for shoot. This leaves room for the occasional moment when emotional eating is a must and you simply cannot deny the grilled cheese toastie beckoning to be devoured.

Day 4 – Track your progress multiple ways! We like to use progress photos and see how are clothes fit us. It is very easy to have a minor breakdown when your scale weight doesn’t move or increases. You may still be making progress even if the scales don’t say so. So many things can affect your weight; when you last ate, how much you ate, your last bowel movement, your hydration status, where you are in your cycle etc. So don’t beat yourself up over the sad step! E x

Day 5 – Be sure to fuel yourself properly. No matter how low the calories go, or how desperate you are to ensure you’re still entitled to your end of the day treat, be sure to fuel yourself properly to avoid burnout. It’s all very well planning every macro to the minute, but if you’re training hard you’re going to get hungry and in some cases it’s a must to move around the meals. Rest assured this is ok! H x

Day 6 – If, like me you have a day involving slightly higher than normal activity don’t go crazy! Yes up your macros, and yes treat yourself to something sweet but don’t let this ruin your weeks of hard work. Plan your post race meal and make sure you enjoy it. You’ve earned it! E x

Day 7- Pack your plate with veggies and greens, yes but don’t be afraid of experimenting with your favourite comforts. Foe example, a firm favourite of mine is mash… it just makes a meal ya know? Why not try whipping up a veggie packed, low carb mash such as beetroot and carrot or butternut squash and kale? A favourite of mine if ‘Beetroot and Kale’, but I’m a little lazy with this one and buy it from right here. H x

Day 8- If you go a little over, or slip up slightly don’t panic! This does not mean you have to give up for the day, simply push a little harder in training, or cut back on portions later in the day. It’s not the end of the world! E x

Day 9- Be sure to remind yourself how far you’ve come. Whether it’s building the booty just a little, or achieving that extra mile reward yourself. Dieting can seem like a neverending journey, especially when food is first thing on your mind morning and night but don’t let it get you down. Just remind yourself of the small improvements you’re making everyday! Keep going! H x

Day 10 – Plan your post workout meal/snack. Don’t think that starving yourself post workout will help you reach your goals. In fact if anything it will set you back as your body tends to store fat when it goes into starvation mode. Take a high carb and protein shake/snack/meal with you so you can refuel your body properly and keep you striving towards your goal. E x


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