This post has been written in partnership with LinkedIn as part of its #ThisIsSuccess campaign

Twice the Health is about adventure. What started with a journey to get from one end of a marathon course to another became a quest to constantly challenge ourselves, our bodies, and push back the boundaries we had lived our lives within. But the biggest adventure of all has not been the incredible sights and sensations we have experienced, it has been the buzz of sharing our passions and aspirations with like-minded souls. It’s the ‘linking in’ that makes Twice the Health a success to us.  

Success was never something we chased as an objective because success is a personal thing. Goals are different sizes in different sports, and likewise personal goals need to be tailored to the individual. We don’t boast or preach. We try to give other people an insight into what they can achieve by showing them how much fun (and occasionally frustration!) we have trying to get to where we are going. We have set our hearts on certain accomplishments, achievements and dreams, but those aims are changing and advancing all of the time. There was no original master plan, instead there was a passionate desire to do what we loved and see where it took us. Our greatest achievement to date is that we have adored every minute of it. Our greatest success has been linking up with thousands of people that ‘get’ what we are doing.

We have since founded a growing business model that fills us with pride and makes us flush with delight. It’s a version of a vocation that grew on the premise of sharing our passion for adventure, travel, health and exercise with anyone that could be bothered to listen. And, wow, people did and still do. There’s no denying that since the spotlight brightened we have felt pressure to achieve success on other people’s terms. It is the nature of any competitive industry like health and fitness that you need to be up with the trends, but we have never lost sight of the original catalyst for Twice the Health.

The greatest love songs were written about a particular relationship that everybody else just happens to identify with. Our intention is to share our love affair with health and fitness in such a way that other people can say ‘hey, I know just what you’re saying’. We haven’t been in the industry for all that long, but believe we can bring rewards beyond a few toned muscles here and there. We may not be trending every minute of every day, but what we do have is contact with an audience that share our beliefs. They have come along for the ride and shared every up and down. Without them, we have no definition of success, only selfish achievement. It’s a team thing.

We have our heroes and role models. True trailblazers climb higher, run faster, trek further not to set records but to set examples. To show the rest of us what is possible so that we can find our own achievable goals, celebrate them and benefit from them in terms of well-being and self-esteem. Twice the Health is just a tiny part of that story.



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