So it seems Summer is finally upon us, and whilst we’re grateful for the sunshine, bright mornings and light evenings the season comes with certain precautions, especially when we’re out there running! It’s easy to miss the signs our bodies send to tell us we’re a little too hot and in danger of overheating or suffering from dehydration, so we’re sharing a few ways we keep cool when on the run.

Wear a Cap

Alright, cool kids, it may not be top of the fashion charts to sport a baseball cap these days but it’s certainly going to keep the sun off your head and help your body stay cool. If you happen to hit hills it’s also a pretty good blocker to ensure you can still see where you’re going! We’ve tried and tested a few but actually, it totally comes down to you and what sits comfy. Our recommendations would be either the ‘Baller Hat Run’ from lululemon, or if you want something a smaller and a little more lightweight the on running ‘Lightweight Cap’ is great too. You can also of course pick up something for a few pennies from Primark or H&M if you’re not so set on something sport specific. They all do the same job!

Carry Water

Whether you’re one of those wizards who can handle the sloshing of a plastic bottle as you stride out, or like us never seen without your trusty Salomon pack just carry it! We don’t care how, why or where, all we ask is that you have some on hand to take on throughout your run. Focus on little sips, and don’t be afraid to stop if you need to. It can take a little while to work out the whole breathing, drinking and running thing! As mentioned, for us it’s got to be a pack. Whilst training for our ultra we’ve been using the Salomon advanced skin 5 pack which we have absolutely loved. If you’re not travelling too far the lululemon Hydrafinity bra is also an epic lightweight solution, although note you can only carry 1 litre with this one. If you’re looking for something a little less pricy, why not try this Camelback classic? We haven’t tried this one specifically, as we prefer a waist strap but we’ve heard good things!

Get yourself a good pair of running shorts

We’ve done a whole blog and IGTV on what shorts we love to run in. Shorts are such personal choice but the top things we look out for are 6inch inseam, tight fit and pockets. You don’t want to end your run with thigh chafe and a wedgie.

Hydrate in the run-up

Hydration isn’t just important on the day itself, it’s the days leading up to it too. Make a real effort to focus on how much water you’re taking on. We’d suggest aiming for around 2-3 litres the few days before a big race or run. Perhaps even add some electrolytes to a bottle the day before too. We absolutely love both Phizz and ORS and use these regularly both pre and post big runs!

Wear sunscreen (and carry it)

Don’t ‘Yes Mum’ us, we’re here to help. It’s easy to disregard the effect the sun can have when you’re not lying directly in it, and therefore think you’re ‘covered up’… wrong! If you’re out running for any length of time you need to be protected. If you’re a sweater like E, the last thing you want is suncream running in your eyes, so we’d suggest picking up some Coola. It’s a dry spray sunscreen and offers SPF all the way up to 50. It’s also waterproof, and therefore sweat-proof so you shouldn’t need to reapply too often.

Try and stick to shaded paths where possible

Tricky we know, but if possible try and seek space that’s shaded, be that the edge of a park, or behind tall buildings. It’ll make a big difference to your body temperature and therefore your hydrations levels, and whilst it may take you a little further, or somewhere you don’t know as well it’ll be worth it. Just make sure you map a route on Strava, and let someone know where you’re going if it does mean opting for the unknown.

Stay cool kids!


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