We’re suckers for some snazzy sports apparel so when invite came through the post for a Brooks makeover we simply couldn’t resist. Especially since the evening promised a bounce around Regents Park followed by stretching out the new Lycra with Jasyoga, and putting that stretch to the test with a picnic to refuel!

Brooks are infamous for giving runners the gift of supportive kit to equip them for any distance be it 10 miles or 10 minutes. However their latest kit doesn’t just encompass comfort it brings a whole new level of style to the table. This fresh faced wardrobe is not just runner ready, its brunch, lunch and supermarket sassy!

The team at Brooks kicked things off with a lesson or two educating us on each new item, from laser cut seams to humidity controlled pockets. Brooks set themselves apart from other high street wear by tailoring their kit to those partial to a lengthy road run or two. This means every detail is sweat wicking, light weight and anti-chaffing. Nice thought eh? Well let us tell you it will be 12 miles in!

One piece in particular that stole our heart was the light weight running jacket serving not just style but also practicality. The two go hand in hand! The snazzy magenta piece not only looks fab on, but also off and ‘tied’ around your arm. It folds itself into a small pocket with an elastic band which then fixes around your arm. Less hassle when the body is uncooperative at best! And our favourite addition the elastic band used to secure the garment shouts ‘Run Happy’ with its neon yellow colouring keeping the positive vibes streaming no matter how many mountains you meet.

Brooks believe the bra is the second most technical equipment after the trainer and we couldn’t agree more. No one likes to feel like they are bouncing out mid stride. Or at least not this type of bounce! Furthermore, performance can actually be improved through a properly fitting bra due to less lateral swing. We’re not talking bandages and boring nude, we’re talking the Brooks latest high fashion, highly enviable ‘holders’. Criss-cross straps and plunging necklines are some of the favourite features sported, which matched with serious support make them a runners best friend. Heck even the boys are chasing this piece!

We were sold, and with this ready to run!

Amongst gossip and giggles we bounded round Regents Park with the rest of the group also head to toe in Brookes. It seemed everyone had a spring in their step thanks to the new gear, and we certainly got some attention from onlookers as we pranced the perimeter of the park! A sprightly 5k saw us land at the Jasyoga doorstep for a ‘runners specific’ yoga class. Neither of us are particularly limber or lengthening when it comes to such activity but this stretch and sooth was exactly what the doctor ordered.

And in true post workout fashion we followed this exercise with a picnic worth even of the Royals!

Thank you for having us Brooks, and of course for our gorgeous kit.
Marathon 2016 did I hear you say?


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