This week in makes my meals had me fired up… Literally. If my metabolism isn’t sky high after this I don’t think it ever will be!

The chilli is actually a fruit from the capsicum family, of which all peppers come from. This one just has a little more oomph!

Munching on chillies is not something I would recommend unless you no longer wish to own your strongest muscle the tongue. Or chew your food. Or hold day to day conversation. What I’m getting at here is on there own they are not a recommended snack. The kick comes from capsicin. Studies have been carried out to show that consumption of this hot headed ingredient can cause inflammation and the ‘hoh oh hoh’ sound heard once reactions kick in. A useless fact you can whip out at your next dinner party!

Medical investigations have been done to explore as the healing powers of capsicum. It has been suggested it can help prevent and/or treat the inflammation and pain from arthritis.Not just smokin’ hot eh? And theres more…

Red chillies (especially cayenne) have been strongly linked to improved cardiovascular health. One study added fresh chopped chilli to participants which significantly reduced the rate of oxidation (free radical damage to cholesterol and triglycerides). It increases the metabolism due to energy being used when your body heats up due to the capsicin. A chilli a day to keep the love handles away. It may just catch on!


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