You’ve worked muscles you didn’t know existed, and pushed yourself harder than planned. In fact right now you could pretty much class yourself a superhero. The endorphins are rewarding your hard work, so why not ask a little more. We know you have it to give, and here’s what we suggest.

A Burn Set- ‘burn sets are higher rep sets generally performed at the end of a bodypart workout. They usually involve anywhere from 15 reps to 100 reps, and can be performed as continuous reps, or in rest-pause fashion.’

Burn Sets can be used to target any muscle group, to “totally destroy an already fatigued muscle”, depleting it as much as possible of any last glycogen and giving it every reason to grow. Yes, we realise this sounds a little soul destroying, but stay light to avoid injury and you’ll be just fine. In fact you know that superhero feeling we talked about earlier? Double it and add the possibility of becoming Peter Pan and you may just have it.

A few

‘Burn Set’ rules;

  • Always perform these last
  • Use no more than 1-2 burn sets per body part (we think one is plenty!!)
  • Reps, anywhere between 15 and 100 (the more the better!! 105 as a suggestion never hurt anyone!)
  • Exercises, keep them simple. No one likes injuries.

Two of our favourite ‘Burn Sets’;


We  learnt this little burn set whilst on holiday in Arizona last year, and is now a regular feature when it comes to ‘shoulder day’.

10 exercises, 10 reps of each, we use 2kg dumbells 🙂

  1. Front raise
  2. Straight arm bent over fly
  3. Arnold Press
  4. Side Raise with elbows at 90degrees
  5. U Row
  6. External Rotation
  7. Side Lat Behind the back raise
  8. V front raise
  9. Standing Fly
  10. Scarecrows


CHEST- 105’s (we know we broke the rules a little here, but its only 5 amongst friends)

This is a recent addition, but considering it was almost a week ago we trained chest, and the morning stretch is still somewhat uncomfortable, we figured it was worth mentioning.

2 exercises,each divided into 2 sub exercises, 15 reps of each- we used 4kgs. We find this easiest to perform lying on your back. Make sure your  lower back remains flat on the floor, and use a mat for comfort if needed.

15 chest press (legs raised to activate the core)

15 chest press single arm left

15 chest press single arm right

15 flys (legs raised to activate core)

15 single arm flys right

15 single arm flys left

15 circle flys (like making snow angels – arms straight behind the head, skimming the floor in a big circle to touch either side of the outer quad, and back)

Give these a try, and let us know how you get on (#twicetheburn). In the mean time we’ll devise plenty more reps to target those other ‘not burning yet’ areas!


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