The beginning of the year has flown by. Literally. Flown. Nonetheless what a fabulous start it has been! We’ve been lucky enough to attend a number of wonderful events, hosted by a group of equally as wonderful, and also hugely inspirational people. And so, to make sure we treasure each and every second of this ‘journey’ we thought we would recap. A little snippet of our favourite 2015 ‘so far’ highlights.

First and foremost our foodie hotspots…

Brickwood Café, Clapham… we post about this A LOT. Perhaps too much? But if you had/have visited you would too. It’s phenomenal. Weekend after weekend we return and weekend after weekend we leave the Brickwood hub fully satisfied after a both nutritional and delicious plate of culinary genius. They offer a variety of plates, from ‘Hot Grilled Sandwiches’ to ‘Brunch’, and who doesn’t love a good brunch? As well as this, they offer a ‘while you wait’ menu and this is where our heart lies. ‘Grilled Banana Bread, served with Espresso Butter’. There are no words. In fact if you ever arrange a Brunch date with us, it’s likely we will drag you there and force feed you a slice of this oven baked heaven.

The Grill, Lomax… Despite leaving us almost crippled a few weeks back, its undeniable their food is to die for, and therefore worth the crippling. The café is situated below luxury gym, Lomax on Fulham Road. The menu is simply health at its best, paired with delicious flavour and diversity. Not only do they offer a selection of delicious breakfast and lunch options, the ‘healthy treats’ on display is not to be resisted.  Choose to fill your lunchbox with either a grilled meat or vegetarian option, ranging from free range spiced chicken with pomegranate glaze (our personal favourite) to grilled halloumi and harrissa! Both can be served as a sandwich, or paired with a choice of their delectable salads! All their produce is organic, using only the freshest, finest ingredient. Oh and another thing… their ‘Chocolate’ shake acts as a great post dessert dessert!!

Roots and Bulbs… Because nowhere does juice like it! Literally. Nowhere. Their G1 is a our go to, be it to cure a hangover or curb or a craving. There’s nothing like this ice cold bottle of green juicy goodness. And their Gym Freaks ain’t bad either. Oh and neither are their brownies. And the coffee is fantastic. And the soup the South Kensingston spot offers is second to none. Should we go on? (You’ve got to try the Banana Bread!!)

But it’s not all about food (maybe most of it… but not all!)

Love to Lift… making lifting twice the fun. I know, you didn’t think the hours you spend strengthening and empowering your body could feel any better. Well you’re wrong. And an added bonus, founder and creator Lauren is fab too! One of our many favourite members of the fitfam community. Lauren very kindly gave us some goodies of her own to try. The ‘TowelMate’ (Buy Towelmate Fitness Towel at Love To Lift UK), and the Hydracup Duel Shaker (Buy Hydracup Dual Shaker at Love to Lift UK).

The Towelmate, gifted to Emily and her ever loyal ‘sweat’ made for the perfect gym buddy. The patented dual-sided towel has “GYM” printed on one side and “SKIN” on the other, making it effortless to remember which side of the towel to use on equipment and which side to use on your skin. Because we all know things can become a little bleary after an hour of ‘heavy legs’. The germ shield layer in the middle helps prevents germs from reaching you. Ideal when you’re guilty of being a bit of a germ demon.

The Dual Shaker became Hannah’s most loyal companion, aiding in both hydration during and refuelling for afters. The bottle boasts two compartments allowing water on one side, and delicious protein goodness on the other. In fact really your imagination can guide you on this one. Pre workout one side, keys the other. Pre workout banana one side, post work out haribo the other. Mid workout quest pick me up one side, post workout quest reward the other. The possibilities are endless.

And this isn’t all the ‘Love to Lift’ team have to offer. Wrist straps, and lifting gloves are amongst the other stylish gym accessories available. So what are you waiting for? Head to the website now, and indulge in retail therapy like no other. It’s almost certainly proven to encourage #girlgains.

Rude Health… Obviously! We are the self proclaimed Queen of Pop Ups, Rude Health’s biggest fan. In fact, we live by their slogan, and live because of their product. We incorporate their goodness into almost every meal, satisfied knowing we are nourishing our bodies with only the finest, most nutritive ingredient. We cannot thank Rude Health, and the fabulous Natasha enough for their support throughout our marathon feat, keeping us stocked up on our favourite oats, granolas and mueslis to keep the legs moving and the muscles growing.  A personal favourite would have to be the new sprouted range, which recently led to the creation of the most delicious, doughy and fluffy pizza base ever created. Read more about the benefits of Sprouted in our previous post ‘Because Nothing Beets Porridge’ (

And so these are just a few of our favourite bits of 2015 so far…

Give some thought to yours and let us know your recommendations!

2015 is set to be a good one, make it yours!


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