As we crossed the bridge we were invited back in the very same way we always had been. Across our three years of studying in the Welsh capital it was always rain that had welcomed us home, and last Sunday was no different.  Despite this, our spirits were not dampened as we made our return to the city that ignited the very best friendship, and one that gave birth to Twice the Health.
So why had we trekked the width of the United Kingdom? In vein of exercise of course Our dear friend and ‘abspiration’ Hazel Wallace, aka The Food Medic was set to host a Sunday Service like no other. If you have come across Hazels famous Sunday sessions you will know there is as much reason for prayer as there is with your classic Sunday Service. And Hazels washboard abs pay tribute to this. The 30 minute workout did not disappoint. Each muscle group was challenged, the heart raced and sweat poured. Well, it did for the one half of us who actually sweats/glows/perspires! 

The destination of the #SundayService event was Universal Fitness. And no wonder they abbreviate it ‘Ufit’ for there is no other way you can be with all they have to offer. An open plan, multi-level gym, complete with a free weight area the size of half the small capital. We were in gym heaven. Equipped with every machine we could of ever dreamed of, boasting a large freestyle area. 

 To warm up Hazel had the group taking full advantage of the space. Onlookers watched as we pushed sledges, and swung from monkey bars. Row sprints followed and Box Jumps acted as the finisher, before a quick 30 second rest then time for round 2! Its fair to say that the group looked a little nervous that this was just the warm up! 

Next we were led into a side room covered in bright graffiti, dressed with 20 boxing bags hanging from the ceiling. These were set aside to reveal Hazels 5 station circuit. Each exercise lasted 30 seconds. The whole body was incorporated: squats, kettle-bell swings, plank, weighted lunges and push press. Luckily we were reassured that the plank acted as an active rest. Not exactly the kind of rest we had in mind. I guess it’s this rest that acts as the formula for Hazels impressive 6 pack. We took note.

On the subject of abs, the final part of the session comprised of just that. A mini ab session just to ensure we had worked up an appetite for the post workout brunch!

Both brunch and pancakes are not something joked about. It is fair to say Hazel is with us on this one and the fluffy vanilla and blueberry protein pancakes provided by Cafe Pure understood this. They were absolutely on point, and exactly what were needed to re energise. We topped ours well with everything (of course), from ‘Spoon Cereal’ granola to ‘Meridian’ Almond butter and fresh fruit An excellent spread if we may say so ourselves.

We devoured two portions whilst mingling with those likeminded and equally as exhausted. It was lovely to meet such a fantastic group of the #fitfam, girls who shared such similar passion for health and fitness. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend at our roots


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