Are you easily pleased? Human nature means that most of us are. But what really takes your breath away so that the only word you can manage is a whispered ‘wow’? Well, we’ve just seen it. It’s called The Third Space and it’s a gym… well, ‘gym’ doesn’t come close. It is the ultimate in a luxury fitness experience.

A ‘third space’ demanded a third blogger so we took ‘Clean Eating Alice’ along to Brewer Street to case the joint. She is a bit of a fitness queen and is not easily ‘wowed’ by even elite gyms, but she was gasping along with us even before a bead of sweat had decorated her brow.

This haven of fitness is located in Soho, an area as stylish and chic as the equipment that fills the studios. What The Third Space offers is an experience that is soooo A List that several well-known celebrities are among their clients (shh!… no names!). As a result, we were told that photography was not permitted… a major disappointment given our dedication to our loyal Instagram followers, but close your eyes and imagine everything your physique could wish for and you got it. If Carling did gyms etc…

The Third Space is a bit of a Tardis. Upon entering, the first thing that strikes you is the enormity of the TRX area that sports a glass floor above what?!… a swimming pool. As you climb the stairs of the building, each level seems to present more and more (and better and better) equipment… machines of every shape and size and function. Running vertically across the top three floors is a 75m climbing wall, and there is even a dedicated boxing area complete with a full-size ring. Ding ding!

Not surprisingly, The Third Space offers a full timetable of classes exclusive to members including spinning, boxing, outdoor training, swimming and every other ‘ing’ you can think of. Oh and yoga too. The gym is also equipped with a fully functional reformer studio where they host one-on-one Pilates and Gyrotonic sessions. Is there anything they don’t do? We’re still scratching our heads… but no, not so far!

But actions speak louder than words so we decided that we would put the compact, yet plentiful free weights section to the test with a brutal leg session. The dimmed lighting energised the room adding to our motivation and focus to make this a session the DOMS would remember for days to come.

It went a little something like this… a spot of German Volume Training for starters. 10 sets of 10 back squats with 40kg on the bar. We then moved into a series of squat variations using the many plate-loaded lifting machines available… much better than their cable enhanced siblings! Alice offered insightful LDN muscle expertise showing us new exercises that certainly tested increasingly wobbly legs! One that we particularly ‘enjoyed’ (I think!) was a standard leg extension exercise, slightly altered by adding extra resistance in the form of a training partner. This was done in 3 sets – the first involved your partner pushing down as your drove up for 8 – the second had the quads burning whilst you held the weight up, legs extended as your partner added a little ‘push’ downwards for 3 counts of 10 – followed by 8 standard leg extension movements. We then finished on the plate loaded leg press, slowly bringing it in for 8, then driving back up for 8. What a finale. Ouch!

Now, I hear you say… ‘but you can do that stuff anywhere’. The Third Space isn’t anywhere. The luxury theme runs through facilities from the Hypoxic Chamber that reduces oxygen supply to work you harder to the Power Plates that offer state of the art vibration training. There is even a Retro Gym kitted out with ‘old school’ features like climbing ropes, beams, bars and ladders. As a top quality back-up to all of this calorie-consuming apparatus, there is a medical practice based at the gym offering complimentary treatments and advice.

The Third Space looks the part… bright, airy, modern… but the welcome is a warm, convivial one. The staff put a premium on personal service with a ‘wash, dry and fold’ laundry service available, permanent personal lockers and free wi-fi. The Outer Space programme offers tie-ups with local businesses for discounts and privileges. It is a genuine members’ club.

We cannot speak too highly of the unique excellence offered at The Third Space. There is even an on-site store for a spot of retail therapy!! You can never have too many pretty patterned leggings and our quads reckoned they had earned them! We are hoping we can return soon to put our bodies through hell in heaven!

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