Resolutions are not just New Year’s things. We are committed to living a healthy life. You’ve probably worked that out by now! But sometimes you need to make a fresh undertaking just to stir yourself. Even happily marrieds renew their vows. So here goes with #ProjectReignItIn.


We enjoy our food and I’m relieved to say that our appetites do not match our size! There is nothing to be ashamed of in eating. It’s kind of important to staying alive! We eat happy. We find happiness in our lifestyle and a huge part of that comes from what we eat. 


Summer is starting to bloom. We want you to bloom too. A change in the temperature is as good an excuse as any to change ourselves in order to achieve the results that keep us in rude health. We are lucky to be surrounded by a truly inspirational bunch of friends that have watched ‘TwicetheHealth’ grow, supporting, encouraging and downright nagging us to pursue our passion under our banner. 


This ‘bunch’ helped us come up with #ProjectReignItIn. It was an idea discussed over a large bowl of carbs just hours before we took to the streets in the London Marathon. The conversation developed between mouthfuls of excessive nut butter gobbling and cookie dough devouring. As you do! We all agreed that our bodies deserved a little more lovin’.


Now we are not about to turn into diet nuns! Treats like ‘Protein Chickpea cookie dough’ are hardly the sin of the century. It just means that we will start to keep a closer check on how much of the fun stuff we are ‘fuelling’ our bodies with. It is easy to make the excuse ‘we exercised today’ to square it with half a tub of Ben and Jerrys. Unfortunately you cannot do such deals with the devil. 


And so a promise of 12 weeks of giving a little more consideration to our bodies begins. We want to encourage health as a means to getting to know your body a little better. I know what you’re thinking… they want us to button down the calories. You think you know us now, but developing a better understanding of what it needs to achieve the desired results is not about starvation. Restriction is not health and doesn’t serve any human body. It is important to recognise and remember that each body is different and can benefit in a variety of ways from certain diets. #ProjectReignItIn is all about starting that process of learning exactly what YOUR body needs. 


To tell the truth, you probably didn’t NEED that 7th tablespoon of peanut butter in your porridge this morning. We saw you! If we are being honest you maybe didn’t even need the 3rd. It only tasted the same as the 1st. That’s why we are saying it’s time to reign it in, and simply give a little bit back to the bodies that give us so much. Let’s face it, they have earned it. We ask so many questions of our own flesh and blood, pushing and pushing them to offer us more strength and support. We hear them cry out for help often enough. Let’s listen to what they are saying for a change! Let’s sketch a picture of health.


We are delighted to be setting out on this 12 week journey alongside some of our faithful friends and we’d love you to join us too! So set your own goals, fix your own targets! Your body can achieve almost anything if you help it. It’s just about rewarding its hard work with the right stuff. Be more aware of exactly what you’re feeding it. Read the labels, understand your macros. We’ve heard enough campaigning from politicians in the last few months, let’s begin our own crusade and start a Good Living party. Don’t look back in 12 weeks’ time and wish you’d voted with us. 


Map out your journey and post it with our hashtag, #ProjectReignItIn. Are you with us?!

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