Weekend dreaming is a slightly later wakeup, met with a wander to indulge in some stretching in our sassiest pants, followed by 3 course brunching. Who’s with us on this one?


Well lucky for us Fitopia made this dreaming reality for 4 weekends straight, we even threw in a few week days when work schedule allowed it. A whole host of studios situated right on our doorstep ready to answer whenever we woke itching for some Reformer, or lusting after some Yoga zen. From Bootcamp Pilates, to Hot Spot Yoga there was something to satisfy every workout.


Ranging from Wimbledon to Richmond, we really were treated to the full timetable, and soon began to source a few favourites. H’s go to was Bootcamp Pilates, conveniently located in numerous locations across London and thanks to the Fitopia access to all was included! E became a little hooked on Slice, a boutique studio in the heart of Parsons Green offering everything from HIIT to Bounce.


One of the main reasons we were delighted to give Fitopia a go was the opportunity to hit refresh on our training. It’s easy to stick with what you love, and neglect trying new things. We love to run, and with that we love to bust out the big guns with hours of strength training but the bodies are clever beings and are quick to adapt to the way we treat em. Due to our total lack of flexibility and grace anything involving these two characteristics is not something we often choose to partake in. Saying this, we are by no means admitting to not enjoying them, and if anything our month of Fitopia only encouraged our passion to branch, or rather ‘Barre’ out!


If you too fancy freshening things up head to their site and get yourself signed up NOW… http://www.fitopia.co.uk

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