It would be nice to believe we all have endless hours to spend training, strengthening and bettering our bodies, but contrary to popular belief time is short and free hours are sparse. It’s the nature of today’s society, we live, work, breathe and even sleep at 100mph giving little thought to downtime never mind putting aside valuable hours to spend a little longer at our favourite fitness hubs.

So when time is of the essence what do we suggest?

HIIT training

Many gyms do them, and if they don’t there are plenty of online options to help you squeeze in something short, sweet and sweaty usually only taking up around 30 minutes of your precious time! ‘Lunchtime’ versions of our favourite classes can be found all over, packing in the same ‘fit features’ we know and love, just condensed a little. Why not try BOOM cycles 30 minutes on the bike, found twice on the timetable Monday-Friday? If getting to a class isn’t an option check out The Body Coach’s infamous interval training sessions over on his Youtube.

A quick jog

Yes, it’s a little breezy, and yes the likelihood of icicles forming on your nose is high, but we promise this fear and possibility will only last a matter of minutes. In terms of time, this one is totally up to you and you can do it anywhere. On the days we spend at a desk, we can think of nothing better than heading out for a quick 30 minute jog to get the legs moving and some fresh air in the lungs.

Focus on one body part

Why not pick one area and focus on that burn? For example, when we’re short of time we hone in on biceps and triceps. They are not a muscle group we’re focused on hugely in terms of growth, therefore often we just add them in at the end of a session or incorporate them in full body training. However, when time is short we pay them a little more loving and give them the full 30 minutes of attention they deserve. Guns show anyone?

Jump off the tube/bus a stop early!

We all have those days where getting anywhere near a gym, or jog in the park is near impossible, but don’t panic there’s still room to move before slumping at your desk for the day. Jump off your choice of transport a stop or two early and wander your way to work. Not only will it save you the busy bustle, it’s a great opportunity for a little downtime ahead of the non-stop 9-5!

Pick on piece of kit and run with it

Limit yourself to one piece of kit. This may sound as it suggest ‘limiting’ but there’s a lot you can do with say one kettlebell, or one plate. In fact, to make life even easier we’ve put together a few for you to try! Head over to our Youtube to check out our ‘Twice the Health, Twice the …’ Series!


Easy minutes made up with simple smart training!

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